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CHINA WORLD   NOVEMBER 2022 / 2022 年 11 月刊  09

                                                                          CANOTTO: 披萨出炉
                                                                          CANOTTO: FRESH FROM THE OVEN

                                                                           Canotto 披萨是对传统意大利披萨的全新演绎。使用自然发酵的面团制

               Canotto comes to China World Mall, bringing Italian pizza with a
               modern reinvention. Using naturally leavened dough to create a
               light and airy crust, Canotto creates a new style with its lifeboat
               shaped pizza.
                   NL5013 五层 L5, North Zone        158 1106 1503

                                                                                   ENOTECA: DEBUT IN BEIJING

                                                                                品牌经营 14 个国家、225 余家品牌、1200 余款葡萄酒,将成为京城葡
                                                                                The global professional wine retailer Enoteca unveiled its first store in Beijing at
                                                                                the North Zone of the mall. Introducing more than 1200 chosen wines of some
                                                                                225 brands from 14 countries, the space is dedicated to becoming a brand
                                                                                new destination for all wine lovers.
                                                                                     3L204 北区 L2, North Zone
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