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CHINA WORLD   NOVEMBER 2022 / 2022 年 11 月刊  08

                          HONMA: 表现奇迹

                         HONMA: STUNNING


                                                                                            PRINCE: : 驰骋赛场

                                                                                  PRINCE: ELEVATING YOUR GAME

                                                                                   因受网球运动员拥趸而驰名的 Prince 是球场内外的标志性象征。
                                                                                   球拍、鞋类和网球等一系列产品广受欢迎,品牌 2022 年秋冬季
                                                                                   Prince is an icon on and off the court, capturing a lifestyle synonymous
                                                                                   with the brand’s legacy and the tennis players that made it famous. With
                                                                                   a range of popular products include of rackets, footwear and tennis balls,
                                                                                   2022 autumn and winter collection of Prince released more apparels to
                                                                                   elevate your game.
                 HONMA 成立于 1959 年。品牌集结科技思维与工匠技艺,制造
                                                                                       3L203 北区 二层 L2, North Zone
                 出世界顶级的高尔夫球杆和产品。2022 年“表现奇迹”系列以年
                 The story of Honma started in 1959. Bounded by ancient sand dunes
                 and bustling ports, the Honma founders gathered top technical
                 minds and experienced craftsman to create the world’s most
                 beautiful, premium performance clubs. The 2022 collection of Miracle
                 Performance equips young golfers with optimal user experience with
                 everyday style.
                      3L202 北区 二层 L2, North Zone
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