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CHINA WORLD   NOVEMBER 2022 / 2022 年 11 月刊  06

                                                                    ANTEPRIMA: 超越时间的本质

                                                                    ANTEPRIMA: TIMELESS VERSATILITY

             精挑优质的羊绒纤维致力每季升级 CASHMERE 羊绒单品,与简
             ANTEPRIMA 品牌 DNA――智慧、珍贵和爱。
             Cashmere Knitwear is the most authentic advocates of ANTEPRIMA’s
             DNA. Endless innovation respecting ancient traditions to combine cutting-
             edge techniques, we are evolving every season and we further strength
             with rooted in ANTEPRIMA  philosophy of “Smart, Precious, with Love”.
                  WB109 南区 B1, South Zone         (8610) 6505 1935

                                                                                             MACKAGE: 相遇冬日
                                                                                           MACKAGE: MEET WITH

                                                                                                    THE WINTER

                                                                                      加拿大高端外套品牌 MACKAGE 释出新系列,由新锐模特 Quannah
                                                                                      Chasinghorse 和英国音乐艺术家 Bakar 演绎。品牌以上乘选材、
                                                                                      声的 Chasinghorse 完美诠释品牌的环保愿景;超越传统流派的音
                                                                                      乐创作者 Bakar 则展现品牌的先锋之姿。
                                                                                      The luxury Canadian outwear brand MACKAGE has revealed its new
                                                                                      campaign, featuring the indigenous model Quannah Chasinghorse and
                                                                                      the talented British musician Bakar. MACKAGE combines the finest
                                                                                      materials with signature silhouettes, dramatic styling, and precision detail,
                                                                                      also the eco-friendly materials inclusive of 100% recycled nylon E3- Lite
                                                                                      and Re-Stop have been introduced to its the new collection. As the voice
                                                                                      of a new generation, the beauty Chasinghorse who insists on protecting
                                                                                      the lands and keeping culture alive is the perfect fit for the brand’s ‘Protect
                                                                                      What Grounds You’ campaign. Meanwhile, Bakar’s tradition-defying
                                                                                      perspective, extensive versatility and style proficiency all add up to one
                                                                                      unmatched force and a perfect embodiment of the brand.
                                                                                          SL3023 南区 三层 L3, South Zone         (8610) 6505 6054
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