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CHINA WORLD   NOVEMBER 2022 / 2022 年 11 月刊  04

                            BOTTEGA VENETA:
                    发布全新包款 KALIMERO

                           BOTTAGA VENETA:

                     BRAND NEW KALIMERO

                                                                                                 GP 芝柏表:


                                                                                     RELEASES NEW ADDITIONS

                                                                                     TO LAUREATO COLLECTION

                                                                                  GP 芝柏表隆重推出两款 Laureato 桂冠系列腕表。
                                                                                  Laureato 桂冠系列 42 毫米绿蕴腕表传承 1975 的经典,采用鲜明出
                                                                                  Laureato 桂冠系列 38 毫米 Copper 腕表,突破性别界限,绽放迷人
                                                                                  Girard-Perregaux is pleased to release two new additions to the Laureato
                 作为 BOTTEGA VENETA 创意总监 Matthieu Blazy 的 2022 秋冬                  collection.
                 系列的热门单品。「Kalimero」水桶包由手工编织而成,包身不                                 The aptlynamed Laureato 42mm Green perpetuates the story of this
                 带任何缝线,以全新方式展现了 Intreccio 工艺,这一工艺也彰显                              timeless classic which began life in 1975, harnessing the timeless character
                 了奢华与实用并重的概念。本次共推出四款配色可供挑选。                                       and elegance of green, as well as encompassing the symbolism of the
                 Featuring a new approach to the intreccio, Kalimero is woven entirely   virescent hue.
                 by hand without being sewn. Opening the Winter 2022 show and     The Laureato 38 mm Copper is a mid-sized, unisex model with a
                 central to Creative Director Matthieu Blazy’s foundation collection, it is a   fascinating dial. Termed ‘copper’ the appearance of the dial is complex and
                 feat of artisanal engineering. Available in four colours by order.  dynamic, evincing different shades depending on the available light source.
                       SB107A & SL1033 南区地下一层至一层 B1&L1, South Zone                                CL2008 中区 二层 L2, Central Zone
                                       (8610) 6505 5587                                                  (8610) 6505 8225
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