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CHINA WORLD   NOVEMBER 2022 / 2022 年 11 月刊  03

                      尚美巴黎:缘系 一生系列

                      LIENS COLLECTION

               重新诠释,Liens 缘系·一生系列颂扬人与人之间的连结。充满象征意义的
               个图案自 1977 年起便出现在 CHAUMET 世家的历史作品中,是尚美巴黎
                    L133B 南区 一层 L1, South Zone        (8610) 6586 6332

                                                                              From passion to affection, love to friendship, each emotion has its talisman. The
                                                                              Liens collection celebrates the bonds between people, through a contemporary
                                                                              reinterpretation of sentimental jewellery. The link is highly symbolic and the thread
                                                                              that unites two people who love each other, drawing their destiny closer. This
                                                                              graphic design has featured in the Maison’s historic creations and inspired Chaumet
                                                                              to make a collection that’s as iconic as it is timeless since 1977.
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