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CHINA WORLD   NOVEMBER 2022 / 2022 年 11 月刊  02


                                                                                     INDOMPTABLES DE


                                                老虎、斑马、长颈鹿和鳄鱼是卡地亚动物王国的经典                       Tiger, zebra, giraffe, crocodile: four animals pertaining to the
                                                成员,其中猎豹无疑是绝对主角。如今,不同动物在                       Cartier menagerie wherein reigns the panther, the absolute
                                                卡地亚全新珠宝与腕表系列中邂逅,带来惊喜趣味。                       emblem of the Maison. Today, Cartier is having fun with a
                                                手镯、项链和腕表作品诙谐有趣、创意非凡,见证奇                       new collection of jewelry and watches, and is creating quite
                                                妙邂逅,突破了人们对动物形象的认知。                            a stir. Bracelets, necklaces and watches shine the spotlight on
                                                     SL1031&2046 南区 一至二层 L1&2, South Zone        unexpected encounters through a playful and creative carnival
                                                     (8610) 6505 6660                         that pushes the limits imposed by figurative representation.
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