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CHINA WORLD   JANUARY 2019 / 2019 年 1 月刊  10

                                   迎福瑞新年 团圆除夕家宴

                        A SPRING FESTIVAL REUNION

                        AT CHINA WORLD SUMMIT WING, BEIJING

           2 月 4 日,群贤宴会厅以及主营中国北方菜的红馆将为您及家人精心打造年味浓
           5888 元起,另包含红酒两瓶,软饮、橙汁、啤酒无限畅饮。
           红馆将在春节期间提供三种除夕节日套餐,净价人民币 1888 元起,推荐六到十人
           2 月 4 日至 19 日,位于国贸大酒店 79 层主席阁的三间多功能专属私人用餐场所
           客的个性化需求,每桌净价人民币 10888 元起。窗外的绝佳景致与中西式佳肴完
                                                                              With Spring Festival fast approaching, make plans to spend quality time with family and
                (86-10) 8571 6459         bjcwsw
                                                                              friends at China World Summit Wing, Beijing.
                                                                              On 4 February 2019, on the eve of Spring Festival, a reunion dinner will be held at the
                                                                              Summit Ballroom, catered by China World Summit Wing, Beijing’s northern Chinese
                                                                              restaurant, The Red Chamber.
                                                                              Located on the third floor of the hotel, the Summit Ballroom will be transformed into an
                                                                              inviting, celebratory space, perfect for families to come together and mark the beginning
                                                                              of a new year. In addition to dinner, guests can also take part in traditional festive activities.
                                                                              Prices start from RMB 5,888 per table of 10, including two bottles of red wine and
                                                                              unlimited soft drinks, orange juice, and beer.
                                                                              Over the Spring Festival period, The Red Chamber will offer three set menus for six to 10
                                                                              people, starting at RMB 1,888. The menus feature many of The Red Chamber’s signature
                                                                              dishes, Peking duck.
                                                                              From 4-19 February 2019, the three private dining rooms on the 79th floor of the hotel
                                                                              will also be available to book for Spring Festival reunion dinners, offering superb city views
           春节期间走亲访友,送上年货将心意传递。琳琅满目的传统节庆好礼已在国贸大                                and a discreet, exclusive atmosphere. Menus start from RMB 10,888 per table and can be
           酒店地下一层的销售柜台开始热销。寓意“聚宝”的盆菜系列,将百菜百味共冶                                customised to meet the needs of each guest.
           一炉,也有团圆祥瑞之意,净价人民币 1188 元起。甜甜蜜蜜的贺年糖果礼盒以及
           民币 198 元起。另有精心搭配的新春礼篮可选,由进口红酒、进口橄榄油、腊肠、
           鲍鱼面、香格里拉茶礼盒、坚果荟萃等甄选礼品组合而成,净价人民币 1588 元起。
           营业时间为每日早 9 点至晚 9 点   Operating hours: daily 9am-9pm
                (86-10) 8571 6998         bjcwsw
           Treat friends and loved ones to one of China World Summit Wing, Beijing’s dazzling array
           of seasonal festive gifts. A series of traditional poon choi, starting from RMB 1,118, bring
           together premium ingredients such as abalone, sea cucumber, dried scallops, and shiitake
           mushrooms. A wide range of beautifully-packaged new year cakes (nian gao) or candy
           gift boxes will satisfy those with a sweet tooth. Finally, gift hampers start from RMB 1,588
           and feature a selection of imported red wine, imported olive oil, Cantonese sausage, a
           Shangri-La tea gift box, and assorted premium dried fruits and nuts that can be customised
           according to your requirements.
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