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CHINA WORLD   AUGUST 2018 / 2018 年 8 月刊  13


                    中国大饭店 2018 年月饼礼盒开启环球味觉之旅

                              TIME TO CELEBATE THE MOONCAKE FESTIVAL

           北京——再逢中秋佳节,中国大饭店推出 27 款共 50 余种口味的月饼礼盒,                             For the Mooncake Festival this year, the China World Hotel launched 27 mooncake
           融合东西方味觉盛宴,为您打造一场全方位的味觉跨界体验。                                        gift boxes with more than 50 flavours, blending Eastern and Western tastes to create a
           除红、白莲蛋黄、精品五仁、红豆沙等经典口味之外,更有蔓越莓、黑加仑、                                 comprehensive crossover experience.
           榴莲、芒果等一系列东西方热门水果助阵;冰皮月饼强势加盟,在初秋为您带                                 In addition to the classics such as red and white with egg yolk, mixed nuts, red bean paste,
           去清爽与甜美。                                                            there are a series of popular fruits such as cranberry, blackcurrant, durian, and mango;
           在制作工艺上,融汇了广、川、晋、台、苏、潮、京、滇,八地精华,为您呈                                 snow skin moon cakes that will bring refreshing and sweet tastes in the early autumn.
           现出诞生于澳门尼威斯人网站8311国不同地域的地道风味口感,无论身处何地都能回味起正宗的童                                 In the culinary production process, we combined the essences of Guang, Chuan, Jin, Tai,
           年味道。                                                               Su, Chao, Jing and Dian, to present the authentic taste of the different regions of China, in
           彰显传统风格的“花月”礼盒,淋漓尽致地展现了雍容典雅的中式风韵。如同                                 order to recreate the authentic taste of moon cakes which we enjoyed during childhood.
           旧时中国名媛淑女的梳妆盒,此款礼盒勾勒出东方美学的细腻与精致——和谐                                 The “Floral Moon” gift box, based on traditional design showcases the elegance
           与平衡之美。                                                             Chinese style. Like traditional Chinese lady's makeup box, this gift box highlights the
           港式代表“流心奶黄”月饼仍居味觉诱惑榜首。新一季的礼盒散发着淡雅的北                                 delicate and refined oriental aesthetics – the beauty of harmony and balance.
           欧风,充满对小确幸的向往。                                                      The iconic Hong Kong-style moon cake "Lava Custard" is still very much popular. The new
           童趣,是永恒的主题。“桃山皮”系列“趣月”礼盒担当萌系主力,携手国宝                                 season gift box exudes an elegance of Nordic style, full of longing for the small fortunes.
           熊猫闪亮登场。低糖的桃山皮口感细腻顺滑,甜而不腻的多种水果馅料,成为                                 "Be Kid" is the eternal theme. The “low sugar” series “Enfant Moon” gift box will
           为小朋友量身打造的不二选择。                                                     be the favourite of children with our national treasure- the panda being the focus the
           在多种月饼礼盒之外,澳门尼威斯人网站8311继续为客户准备了三种内容丰富的礼篮,满足您                                  smooth and delicate taste of this low-sugar option with fruit fillings is certainly a good
           的不同需求。在这个中秋,为您足不出户品尝全球风味提供快捷而准确的选                                  choice for children.
           择方案。                                                               Apart from the exquisite mooncake gift boxes, China World Hotel has also prepared a
                                                                              series of hampers - Festival Hamper, Summer Palace Hamper and Premier Hamper - in
                                                                              order to meet the different preferences of our guests.
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