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CHINA WORLD   NOVEMBER 2017 / 2017 年 11 月刊  14


                                                            OUR INTERIOR DESIGN WINS THE ANNUAL

                                                            DESIGN AWARD

                                                            由迪拜的室内设           Dubai-based interior design firm Stickman Tribe took the award for the “Best International
                                                            计 公 司 Stickman    Project of the Year” for its design of Hotel Jen Beijing.
                                                            Tribe 设计的新国       Already marking its territory amongst the country’s best hotels in the design field, Hotel
                                                            贸饭店荣获年度最          Jen Beijing was proud to scoop the International Project of the Year Award this year.
                                                            佳国际项目奖!           Carefully designed to cater for the practical and aesthetic needs of today’s generations
                                                            新国贸饭店是为千          of business travellers and tourists it isn’t surprising that Jen has been called “Heaven for
           禧一代量身打造的全新酒店!立志成为新时代的代表!在设计领域,新国贸饭店                                Millennials” – praised by judges for being a design where international image meets
           已经成为其中的先锋,而此次获奖也令北京骄傲!                                             global functionality, possessing essential elements of unique, slightly quirky and original
           在评委眼中新国贸饭店是“千禧一代的享乐天堂”,评委对这种设计理念及酒店                                design features aligned with the sophisticated, smooth image that you’d expect from a
           风格表示支持与赞赏!有趣、玩乐、惊喜、乐享等种种与众不同的元素被巧妙的                                hotel of its calibre.
           注入设计中,但多元化的设计又不会打乱酒店的视觉与感受上的平衡。新国贸饭                                As soon as you set foot in the hotel you embark on a sensory experience: an open-concept
           店这个项目做到真正的国际化,而且独一无二。                                              lobby, incorporating not only comfortable optimal use of space, but shapes, textures and
           一进入酒店门廊,一场精彩的感官盛宴就此开始!悬挂在玻璃上的陶瓷树叶,巧                                colours selected specifically to create a feeling of ease, charm and comfort for the traveller.
           妙的指引主路口的道路。酒店一楼的大堂拥有各种形状、材质、颜色与质地。你                                Elegantly draped glazing, suspended porcelain leaves subtly leading the guest through the
           很快就会发现这不只是一个大堂,而是一个通往创意的大门,至于大门背后的世                                main entrance. Guests do not merely walk into a hotel lobby at Jen, they are guided into a
           界……等你来亲自探寻!                                                        veritable gallery of design creativity. After that, you'll find out for yourself!
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