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CHINA WORLD SUPPLEMENT 特刊   JULY 2017 / 2017 年 7 月刊  08




           - “A LETTER FROM JEN”

           # 告别沉闷! 6 月 5 日国贸地区掀起了一股蓝色炫风,新国贸饭店骑遇惊喜活                            #LeaveBoringBehind! That was the message that we shared with CBD dwellers on
           动随即启动。300 辆小蓝单车摆放在新国贸饭店周边,并附上由酒店特别订制                               5 June with a "Letter From Jen" campaign, held in conjunction with popular bike-
           的信件。这不是一封普通的信,而是含有不同服务体验礼遇的邀请信。随后一                                 sharing startup Bluegogo. We upped the fun factor with a physical letter attached to
           周推出的小蓝车线上活动,30000 辆带有酒店标识的小蓝车为更多客人送去惊                              300 Bluegogo bikes parked next to the hotel. It's no ordinary love letter – each letter
           喜礼遇。新国贸饭店希望借此机会在国贸 CBD 地区倡导告别沉闷,趣享生活的                              contains a dining, gym, co-working space voucher for use in the hotel. Bike users
           理念。                                                                could also win hotel vouchers that were embedded in 30,000 Bluegogo bikes in the
                                                                              city. We hope to encourage a spirit of adventure and fun in CBD!
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