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CHINA WORLD SUPPLEMENT 特刊   JULY 2017 / 2017 年 7 月刊  06

            炼·工场       大亮点

           4 TRAINYARD HIGHLIGHTS                                               MMA 综合搏击区

                                                                                位于四楼的 KO 区,无论是自主训练还是加入澳门尼威斯人网站8311
                        室内游泳池                                                   MMA TRAINING AREA WITH A

                        在 25 米的常温泳池内畅游,同时感受三面环绕巨型落地窗的                           BOXING RING
                        日照,在运动的同时吸收日光中维他命 D 的滋润。
                                                                                Bring your training to another level at our “KO area” on
                        INDOOR SWIMMING POOL                                    Level 4. Throw a few punches and kicks yourself or join   2
               1        Relax and swim a lap or two in a 25m indoor and heated swimming   one of the classes led by our professional instructors.

                        pool. Get a healthy dose of vitamin D at the same time with skylight
                        and floor-to-ceiling windows.

                                                                                5 间团课训练室
                3             明亮宽敞的更衣室开启你愉快的运动心情。分别位于两                          每天不同的团体训练课程。享誉度极高的莱美杠铃操、心肺                         4

                              蒸和湿蒸房放松紧张的肌肉。                                     受运动的畅快淋漓。
                                                                                5 STUDIO ROOMS AND DAILY GROUP
                              SPACIOUS LOCKER ROOMS                             CLASSES
                              Say hello to spacious and brightly lit locker rooms, separated
                                                                                Run with the pack with daily group classes. Energize with the
                              on each level. Relax the muscles after a hard workout in the
                                                                                highly acclaimed Les Mills BodyCombat, BodyPump, and BodyJam
                              Jacuzzi, sauna room or steam bath room within.
                                                                                workouts as well as several styles of Yoga and Pilates classes.
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