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CHINA WORLD SUPPLEMENT 特刊   JULY 2017 / 2017 年 7 月刊 05


                                                                              TRAINYARD GYM

                                                                              动起来!全天 24 小时营业,跨越 2 层,总面积 3500 平方米的炼·工场将后现代
                                                                              工业风格设计和极具街头文化风格的涂鸦创意相互映衬。巨型落地玻璃让窗外 270
                                                                              度 CBD 美景环绕其中,一扫健身的沉闷与无趣!
                                                                              11 个不同功能的运动区域包括 Synergy 360 综合健身区,TRX 抗阻力健身器械以
                                                                                  五层 Level 5         (86-10) 6505 2277-7000

                                                                              Move different! Open for 24 hours daily and spread across 2 floors, the 3,500sqm
                                                                              Trainyard showcases a work yard inspired space with raw graffiti artworks and floor to
                                                                              ceiling glass window that offers 270° view of Beijing CBD. Go further, faster, harder and
                                                                              11 separate workout areas include the Synergy 360 Multi-Functional platform, TRX
                                                                              suspension equipment as well as a whole fleet of top of the line treadmills, elliptical
                                                                              machines, spin bikes and weight equipment, all of which lends credence to our
                                                                              commitment in offering the best workout that you will ever have. Join the community
                                                                              with daily group classes in the gym too.
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