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CHINA WORLD SUPPLEMENT 特刊   JULY 2017 / 2017 年 7 月刊  02




                                                                              SEAL THE SUMMER DEAL

           利用夏季推广的大好机会,来众·社联合工作空间完成你的工作邮件,或者安安                                Catch up on your emails or simply finish that book you have been reading at Prototype
                                                                              with limited summer deals. From Monday to Friday, access the lounge for 4 hours at
           价格每位人民币 50 元,四小时内随意使用;而周五周六,全天免费使用众·社。                             RMB50 net per person. On weekends, enter for FREE. In addition, all Prototype guests
           除此之外,使用众·社的客人还可免费享受特别提供的现磨咖啡、西式茶、柠檬                                enjoy free flow of brewed coffee, western tea, bottled water and cookies! Offer is valid
           水和饼干。夏季推广有效期至 2017 年 8 月 31 日。
                                                                              until 31 August 2017.
                三层 Level 3          (86 10))6505 2277 - 6631                  DITCH BORING MEETINGS

           告别沉闷会议                                                             Think meetings are boring? Take charge and change that! With 13 lifestyle meeting rooms

           冗长沉闷无趣的会议开得太多?是时候改变一下沉闷气氛! 13 间生活化会议室让                             that allow open engagement and conversation, brainstorming is made easy coupled
           互动交谈、头脑风暴变得自然轻松。配上专业的服务,高科技的设备,打包带走                                with professional services, fitted high-tech equipment, “grab and go” food options, and
           的饮食理念以及充分的采光设计,让会议变得新颖有趣。                                          abundant natural sunlight from floor-to-ceiling windows.
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