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           Jul 2017 2017    7月

             A monthly bulletin bringing you all the latest China World Trade Center news and information   每月带给您澳门尼威斯人网站8311的最新讯息

                         LEAVE BORING BEHIND AT HOTEL JEN BEIJING  新国贸饭店带你告别沉闷




           快朵颐。法式 波士顿龙虾配柑橘沙拉,每份人民币 178 元。

           每周二全天鲜啤吧驻店酿酒师 Tom 将推荐他的一款精酿啤酒,并推出全天欢乐时
           光买一赠一。不要犹豫了,周二来鲜啤吧跟 Tom 打个招呼吧!

           告别沉闷的中式午餐套餐,鲜啤吧邀请你来品尝超值西式精选午餐。人民币 88 元
           一套,可以从 8 款特色主食中挑选 1 款,搭配香浓奶油菌菇汤,再选择 1 款自己
           喜爱的饮品 - 咖啡、茶、软饮或皮尔森啤酒。放心,澳门尼威斯人网站8311不会告诉你老板的……
                1 层 Level 1           (86 10))6505 2277-6601
                                                                              LOBSTER MONDAY

                                                                              Love lobster? With our Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal all day every Monday, there is no reason
                                                                              not to indulge in your favourite seafood at Beersmith Gastropub. Savour Whole Boston
                                                                              Lobster Gratin, topped with addictive melted cheese, with a side of citrus salad. Each
                                                                              portion is priced at RMB178 net.
                                                                              THIRSTY TUESDAY – “BREWMASTER’S PICK OF THE WEEK”

                                                                              Every Tuesday throughout the day and night, Brewmaster Tom Ashton puts his favourite craft
                                                                              beer on tap for an irresistible deal of Buy 1 Get 1 Free. Say “hi” if you see him at the bar!
                                                                              LUNCH @ BEERSMITH

                                                                              Ditch the boring lunch bentos. Treat yourself to a Western set lunch that will not hurt
                                                                              the wallet. For RMB88 net, tuck into a hearty signature main course, paired with a wild
                                                                              mushroom soup and one glass of beverage – choose between coffee, tea, soft drink and Pils
                                                                              beer. We won’t tell your boss…
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