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CHINA WORLD   AUGUST 2016 / 2016 年 8 月刊  04


                                                                                                    9 月 8 日至 16 日,法国奢华皮具世家卡米·富尔奈
                                                                                                    在国贸商城区域 1 地下一层中庭邀请享有优雅品位、
                                                                                                         SB123C ZONE1 商城区域 1
                                                                                                        (86-10) 6505 0729
                                                                                                    THE INVITATION FROM
            国贸再携手智行关怀更多儿童                                                                           CAMILLE FOURNET
            CHINA WORLD'S SUMMER CAMP FOR                                                           During September 8th to 16th, French

            CHILDREN WITH CHI HENG FOUNDATION                                                       Luxury brand Camille Fournet will invite

                                                                                                    those who love high quality leather
           8 月 3 日,“2016 智行夏令营国贸日”的 40 位小营              Forty children from the 2016 Chi Heng Foundation Beijing   goods and the art of made-to-measure
           员来到国贸中心度过了欢乐的国贸之旅。自 2012 年向                  Summer Camp visited China World Trade Center (China   to come to Atrium, B1, Zone1 at China
           智行基金会捐助而结缘,国贸中心持续以各种方式进                      World) on August 3, spending a happy “China World   World Mall, to enjoy the charming
           行支持智行基金会,参与资助夏令营已是第四年。                       Day.” China World has donated to the foundation since   combination of French craftsmanship
           智行夏令营旨在带领孩子们参观知名学府、知名企业,                     2012 by supporting in various ways.         and modern design; with the accompany
           开阔视野,启发梦想,创造新生。此次夏令营小营员                      During the camp, these children visited renowned colleges,   of the brand’s master artisan, you can
           们来自艾滋病高发地区的贫困家庭,他们肩负家务、                      universities and enterprises to broaden their horizons and   experience the legendary craftsmanship
           刻苦学习,更渴望看看外面的世界。                             inspire their ideas. They are from poverty families from   of Camille Fournet amd  explore the
           正因如此,国贸中心发挥部门联动,公关部、工会、团委、                   regions where AIDS prevails. They take on household duties,   secret of fine Leather goods house.
           国贸商城部,国贸大酒店、国贸写字楼部、国贸溜冰                      study diligently and aspire to seeing the world outside.
           场,商城租户百丽宫影城以及亚西亚图文社紧密配合,                     China World's  departments, including PR Dept., the Union,   探索星巴克臻选国贸商城店
           让小营员们在国贸中心收获了难忘的旅程,包括参观                      China World Mall, China World Summit Wing, China
           国贸大厦 80 层的、体验国贸大酒店服务、国贸溜冰场                   World Offices, Le Cool Ice Skating Rink and Palace Cinema   星巴克将于 8 月 26 日揭幕其在国贸商城区域 1 的星
           课程、百丽宫影城观影……                                 prepared wonderful activities for the camp. The team had a   巴克臻选门店。384 平方米提供敞开空间或独立座位,
           国贸中心一直以来履行社会责任,关注弱势群体,与                      bird view of Brijing on the 80th floor of China World Tower,   满足您对舒适场景的需求。咖啡馥郁满溢空间,为您
           智行基金会、国际奥比斯组织、宋庆龄基金会、北京                      experienced services offered by China World Summit Wing,   带来环球好咖啡。咖啡控莫容错过!
           太阳村等机构保持长期合作关系。                              practiced skating at Le Cool and watched a movie at Palace      SB126&127 ZONE1 商城区域 1
                                                        Cinema. It was bound to be a memorable trip.
                                                        China World is committed to fulfilled its social responsibilities,
                                                        cared for vulnerable groups cooperating in long-term with Chi
                                                        Heng Foundation, Orbis International (ORBIS), China Soong
                                                        Ching Ling Foundation, Sun Village and other institutes.

                                                                                                    EXPLORING STARBUCKS

                                                                                                    RESERVE   @ CHINA WORLD

                                                  2      4
                                                                                                    Starbucks will unveil its upscale Starbucks Reserve? at Zone1
                                                        1.  开启国贸之旅,国贸商城总监梁小丹女士为孩子们加油                of China World Mall on 26 August. Starbucks Reserve?
                                                           Liang Xiaodan, director of China World Mall, gave an opening
                                                          speech.                                   at China World Mall is a cozy, enjoyable cafe that brings an
                                                        2.  百丽宫影城与孩子们“佳片有约”                         amazing new taste experience to coffee connoisseurs. This
                                                           Enjoying movie at the Palace Cinema
                                                                                                    aromatic space is dedicated to those who savor rare coffee
                                                        3.  国贸溜冰场志愿者教练为同学们上课
                                                           A volunteer coach demonstrates how to skate  around the world. With booth or communal seating spreads
                                                        4.  孩子们深入后台,了解巨大的国贸中心如何稳健运转                 over the 384 meter squares space, this store produces and
                                                           Visiting the background to explore the operational "secret" of China
                                                          World Trade Center.                       provides great comforts needed for you.
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