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CHINA WORLD   JUNE - JULY 2022 / 2022 年 6-7 月刊  05

                 格拉苏蒂原创:原创风范  引领潮流


                 WAY TO STAND OUT IN STYLE

                 以现代视角重新诠释经典,格拉苏蒂原创再现原创佳作。全新橄榄绿款 Seventies
                 Chronograph Panorama Date 七零年代大日历计时腕表巧妙糅合独特功能与现代
                 炫酷夺目。带 Super-LumiNova  夜光涂层的黑色时标与指针首次亮相 Seventies
                 苏蒂原创独具特色的元素无缝契合,搭载橄榄绿表盘的 Seventies Chronograph
                 Panorama Date 七零年代大日历计时腕表与您共享曼妙时光。
                 At Glashütte Original, we are presenting a modern interpretation of a retro classic with
                 a new vintage-inspired timepiece that guarantees to be recognised as a true original.
                 The new Seventies Chronograph Panorama Date in Fab Green is practical, packed with
                 unique features and designed for modern times. With its unique degradé effect, the
                 shimmering ‘Fab Green’ dial is cool and eye-catching. Black indices and hands with
                 Super-LumiNova  make their mark for the very first time within the Seventies line and
                 are combined with the brand’s signature Panorama Date. Authentic vintage design
                 with all the modern manufactory magic Glashütte Original is known for, the Seventies
                 Chronograph Panorama Date with ‘Fab Green’ dial ensures time is on your side.

                      SL2037 南区 一层 L1, South Zone         (8610) 6592 1566
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