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          China WorldJune - July 2022 2022   6 - 7月刊
             A monthly bulletin bringing you all the latest China World Trade Center news and information  每月带给您澳门尼威斯人网站8311的最新讯息

                      夏日重启 活力绽放
                      WELCOME BACK

                                                                      国贸中心白领们回归写字楼,重迎朝气 ; 国贸商城当季商品琳琅满目。国贸三家酒店及

                                                                      Welcome back to China World Offices and to the boutiques and stores of China World Mall.
                                                                      Our fabulous hotels and delightful restaurants await you. We wish all our tenants at China World
                                                                      Apartments and every reader the happiest of summers.
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