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           在国贸大厦 A 座正式开业




           在中巴建交 70 周年之际,哈比银行北京分行于 2021 年 3 月 5 日在国贸大厦 A 座
           25 层正式开业。
           哈比银行于巴基斯坦建国前的 1941 年成立,并于 1947 年在巴基斯坦投入运营,
           是巴基斯坦首家商业银行,也是巴基斯坦目前最大的商业银行,为 15 个国家和地
           区的 3000 多万客户提供服务,主要业务领域包括零售银行、公司业务和投资银行、
           2020 年,当全球人民共同经历突如其来的新冠疫情之时,世界经济也在不断承受
           着前所未有的挑战。哈比银行在中巴两国政府及监管机构的大力支持下,迎难而上,                              On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between
           秉承将中国市场打造成为其第二大本土市场的战略,坚定不移地加大对华投入力度。                              China and Pakistan, Habib Bank Limited Beijing Branch officially opened on March 5, 2021

           2021 年正值哈比银行成立八十周年。作为哈比银行的在华分支机构,北京分行将                             on the 25th floor of China World Tower A.
           发挥总行在巴基斯坦及“一带一路”沿线的布局优势,夯实定位,贯彻战略,通                                Habib Bank was established in 1941 before the founding of Pakistan and put into
           过境内外机构间有效联动,持续不断地向客户提供优质服务,为中资企业走出国                                operation in Pakistan in 1947. It is the first, as well as the largest commercial bank in
           门保驾护航,并为“一带一路”这一伟大倡议积极贡献力量。                                        Pakistan, serving more than 30 million customers in 15 countries and regions. The main
                                                                              business areas include retail banking, corporate and investment banking, treasury business,
                                                                              SME and agricultural financial services, financial institutions and global trade services,
                                                                              transaction banking and Islamic banking.

                                                                              In response to the Belt and Road initiative, Habib Bank Limited (HBL) actively participates
                                                                              in the construction of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor, a landmark project of China-
                                                                              Pakistan cooperation in the new era, and is committed to serving Chinese companies
                                                                              operating in Pakistan by providing them local currency financing, financial advisory and
                                                                              consulting, cross-border remittance and other services, actively promote China-Pakistan
                                                                              economic cooperation and joint construction, and broaden the channels for economic, trade
                                                                              and financial cooperation in the context of the Belt and Road Initiative.
                                                                              In 2020, people all over the world have experienced a sudden new pandemic, and the world
                                                                              economy has faced unprecedented challenges. With the strong support of the governments
                                                                              and regulator of the two countries, HBL has risen to the challenge, adhering to the strategy
                                                                              of building the Chinese market into the bank’s second largest local market, and unswervingly
                                                                              increasing its investment in China.
                                                                              2021 coincides with the 80th anniversary of Habib Bank. As a layout of HBL in China, Beijing
                                                                              Branch will take advantage of the layout of the head office in Pakistan and along the Belt
                                                                              and Road, consolidate its positioning, implement the strategy, and continue to provide high-
                                                                              quality services to customers through effective linkages between domestic and foreign
                                                                              institutions. Foreign-funded enterprises go abroad to escort and actively contribute to the
                                                                              great initiative of the Belt and Road.
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