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CHINA WORLD   APRIL 2021 / 2021 年 4 月刊  03

                                                                              CHAUMET 发布约瑟芬


                                                                              CHAUMET CROWNS YOUR

                                                                              STYLE WITH THE NEW

                                                                              JOS?PHINE COLLECTION

                                                                              An emblematic collection of the Maison, Joséphine distinguishes itself with modern
                                                                              femininity. Chaumet unveils new creations that are both elegant and audacious, inspired
                                                                              by the spirit of the eponymous Empress. From jewels revisiting the collection’s iconic
                                                                              pear-cut to High Jewellery pieces infused with a couture spirit, and a unique watch,
                                                                              discover the multiple facets of the Joséphine collection.
                                                                              The history of Chaumet has been entwined with the History of France ever since its
                                                                              founding in 1780, in Paris. Crafted at the very heart of the place Vend?me, the jewellery and
                                                                              watchmaking creations reflect these exceptional skills and pay tribute to the Parisian style.
                                                                                  L133B 南区 一层 L1, South Zone        (86-10) 6586 6332

           巴黎殿堂级珠宝世家 CHAUMET 发布约瑟芬皇后系列新作。从尊贵非凡的
           CHAUMET 当代的冠冕世界,标志性的工艺再度展现 CHAUMET 世家经典图腾
           CHAUMET 创始于 1780 年,不断发展,自成一派。品牌拥有深厚的历史传承
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