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          China WorldApr 2021 2021   4  月刊
             A monthly bulletin bringing you all the latest China World Trade Center news and information   每月带给您澳门尼威斯人网站8311的最新讯息

                                                                             精神家园。三到五月,以艺术和生活为主题的国贸商城“2021 风尚季”系列活动好
                                                                             戏连台。4 月 7 日至 9 月 26 日,路易威登北京 Espace 文化艺术空间举办艺术名家
                                                                             阿尔贝托·贾科梅蒂作品展,系其“墙外”项目之一。3 月 20 日至 4 月 20 日,《国
                                                                             贸商城 X 情绪记录馆 · 澳门尼威斯人网站8311在北京》为身处国贸的人们提供崭新的交流和表达契机。艺
                                                                             术家黎光波与受访者深入对谈并拍摄肖像,记录“城市情绪”。同期,《国贸商城 ·
                                                                             遇见浮世绘》生动记录了平民阶层的气质与趣味。樱花烂漫,世情温馨。 4 月 23 日(周
                                                                             五)至 4 月 25 日(周日),国贸商城在会员积分兑换月,联手西西弗书店、大疆、
                                                                             徕卡、联想来酷等艺术、生活、礼品类品牌,带来满千返百等春季优惠。4 月 28 日
                                                                             至 5 月 9 日,国贸商城再续经典,携手 TimeOut 推出《买得起艺术周》,特邀 45
                                                                             位艺术家呈现艺术盛宴。沙龙、手作、表演、快闪店及艺术市集,空前精彩。4 月底,
                                                                             风靡全球的网红汉堡店 Shake Shack 终于亮相国贸商城,再次掀起运动潮流风尚。
                                                                             For 30 years the China World Trade Center has stood as a beacon of the capital city and
                                                                             a cradle of fashion. Today the Mall remains the ultimate destination for state-of-the-
                                                                             art retail therapy. With the theme of art and life, the 2021 Style Must Go On campaign
                                                                             offers an inspiring and lively calendar of activities from March to May that are guaranteed
                                                                             to invigorate your Mall experience. From April 7 to September 26, LOUIS VUITTON
                                                                             Espace Culture Art Exhibition themed Alberto Giacometti will launch China World as one
                                                                             stop of its Hors-les-murs series. The artistry begins March 20-April 20 with a brand-new
                                                                             communication and expression platform: the X Emotions Records Space – I'm in Beijing
                                                                             interactive exhibition where the talented portrait photographer Li Guangbo seeks to
                                                                             capture what he calls the "city's emotions". During the same dates, the China World Mall
                                                                             X Meeting with Ukiyo-e promises to introduce Mall visitors to a warm cherry-blossom world
                                                                             while vividly documenting our universal humanity through the interests of the common
                                                                             people. During April 23-25, the Mall is joining hands with art, lifestyle and gift brands
                                                                             including Sisyphe Bookstore, DJI, Lenovo Lecoo and Leica to offer 100 yuan back for every
                                                                             1,000 yuan spent by Mall members. During April 28-May 9, the Mall and Time Out

                                                                             handicrafts, performances, pop-up shops and art fairs.
             STYLE MUST GO ON                                                magazine have invited 45 artists to present Affordable Art Week, a visual feast of salons,
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