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CHINA WORLD   MARCH 2021 / 2021 年 3 月刊  10


                                                                    K20        香格里拉快乐成长计划

                                                                       K20 PERFECT CHOICE FOR

                                                                                PARENTS’ TIMEOUT

                                                         在 CBD 城中之城的国         Located in the heart of the central business district (CBD), China World Mall has been
                                                         贸大商圈长久以来便            considered an ideal place for families to spend time together. With the introduction of
           是都市爸妈遛娃的理想处所。因此,北京国贸大酒店启动 K20 香格里拉快乐成长                             “A FUNtastic Experience at Shangri-La” for children, by China World Summit Wing,
           计划,这个五星商务区真正成为孩子们玩得开心,父母尽享二人世界,偷得浮生                                Beijing, the five-star business district really became a wonderland where children
           半日闲的 wonderland。  在半日或一日的时间里,北京国贸大酒店为 4 到 12  周                    could have fun while parents enjoyed their own timeout. We’ve created a series of
           岁不同成长阶段的孩子,创造一系列生活技能的场景化体验及互动式活动。                                  life experience and interactive activities which encourage the learning of life skills for
                                                                              children aged between 4 and 12 years for half a day or one day.
                             境中,融入欢乐的氛围,交到新朋友,激发未知潜能。每                        With the supervision and company of a “partner teacher”, children will integrate
                             月一期的活动,每月一次的精彩。                                  into this joyous atmosphere and explore the potential of self-development quickly.
                                                                              Rendezvous monthly with surprises.
                             3 月,中国大饭店 K20 香格里拉快乐成长计划将推出“绿
                             色环保小卫士”主题活动。活动具体详情,即报名注册请                        For the upcoming month of March: Little Eco-warrior. For further information, please
                             联系微信:(8610)153 1167 7691                         contact our WeChat as left side: (8610) 153 1167 7691
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