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CHINA WORLD   OCTOBER 2020 / 2020 年 10 月刊  15

                           国贸 79 周日早午餐 回归云端

                                                     GRILL 79 SUNDAY BRUNCH

           300 米高空之上,国贸 79 周日早午餐回归云端。冷切台上轮番登场的烟熏鸭胸,
           西班牙辣肠和里昂那啤酒肠宛如盛放在 79 层高空的嫩红玫瑰,脂肪均匀口感
                                                                              Above 300 meters in the cloud, Grill 79 Sunday brunch semi-buffet returns. On the
                                                                              cold cutting counter, the smoked duck breasts, the Spanish spicy sausage and Leon's
                (86-10) 8571 6459
                                                                              beer sausage, are looks like tender red roses on the 79th floor. A selection of delicious
                                                                              cheeses from farms around the country, with a rich milky fragrance lingering on the
                                                                              tongue. A seafood platter per table, fresh oysters, Boston lobster, blue scallops and
                                                                              caviar, is as delicious as the Atlantic sea breeze sweeping through your mouth. Roasted
                                                                              honey ham and tomahawk steaks that are rotated every week will bring you plenty of
                                                                              satisfaction. There are more delicious main dishes for you to choose from, wagyu steak,
                                                                              Argentine sausage, steamed lobster, and also more than a dozen different types of cake
                                                                              desserts, selected seasonal fruits, and trolley food delivery...
                                                                              Except for one seafood platter per table, all the rest are unlimited supply! Spending a
                                                                              pleasant weekend here can not only enjoy the splendid view of the capital, but also
                                                                              reward your taste buds.
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