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CHINA WORLD   OCTOBER 2020 / 2020 年 10 月刊  14

                                Turkish Afternoon Tea


                        慵懒午后,打卡 80 层云端酒廊土耳其下午茶。北京国贸大酒店携手土耳其餐厅“西庭秀色”,打造异域风情下午茶。
                        土耳其红茶或咖啡。在 80 层饱览京城盛貌,适宜来一场高空身心放松之旅。身在优雅舒适的酒廊,目光可游离

                        After a comfort afternoon, check our Turkish afternoon tea at Lounge on the
                        80th floor. China World Summit Wing teamed up with the Turkish Feast to
                        create an exotic afternoon tea. Special Turkish traditional dessert and snacks
                        Baklava, Turkish cookies, Turkish rice pudding, canape with humus, fried cheese
                        rolls and grape leaf rolled rice, etc., including Turkish black tea or coffee. Enjoy
                        the grand view of the capital on the 80th floor, which is suitable for a relaxing
                        journey in the cloud. In the elegant and comfortable lounge, you can move
                        your eyes to the West Mountain, enjoy the exotic afternoon
                        tea, and your thoughts fly into the clouds.

                             (86-10) 8571 6459
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