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CHINA WORLD   OCTOBER 2020 / 2020 年 10 月刊  13



                                                               ACTIVELY RESUME WORK AND

                                                               PRODUCTION IN THE POST-PANDEMIC

                                                               PERIOD, AND FULFILL THE SHANGRI-LA

                                                               CARES, WE ARE TAKING ACTION.

           会议、餐饮、住宿接待方案,积极做好了复工复产的准备。8 月 27 日,
           上千人规模的华为北京城市峰会 2020 在国贸大酒店隆重登场;9 月
           24 日,中央广播电视总台 2021 品牌强国工程发布会在国贸大酒店群
                                                                       In the golden autumn, while actively implementing the relevant prevention and control requirements,
                                                                       China World Summit Wing insisted on grasping the prevention and control of the epidemic, and
                                                                       preparing for the resumption of work on the other. It studied and formulated the meeting, catering,
                                                                       and accommodation reception plans under the epidemic prevention and control in advance. We are
                                                                       ready to resume work and production. On August 27, the Huawei Beijing City Summit with a scale
                                                                       of over a thousand people was grandly held in the China World Summit Wing; then, on September
                                                                       24, the CCTV 2021 National Brand Project List was launched in the Summit Ballroom of China
                                                                       World Summit Wing.
                                                                       In response to the meeting demands of different customers under the situation of epidemic
                                                                       prevention and control, China World Summit Wing has researched and developed a personalized
                                                                       full-process reception plan to fully meet the safety guarantee and meeting demands of guests,
                                                                       and integrate Shangri-La Cares safety measures into every service. The successful holding of the
                                                                       two conferences has accumulated rich experience for the subsequent steady development of
                                                                       conferences, catering and accommodation.
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