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CHINA WORLD   OCTOBER 2020 / 2020 年 10 月刊  12

                                                        珍惜粮食 拒绝浪费 践行光盘

                                                        —— 国贸食社在行动

                                                               CHINA WORLD CANTEEN

                                                               CAMPAIGNS TO CHERISH

                                                               FOOD, STOP FOOD WASTAGE

                                                               & “CLEAN YOUR PLATE”

                为贯彻落实习近平总书记近期对于坚决制止餐饮浪费行为作出                        China World Canteen has launched a ‘Clean Your Plate’ campaign in line with Chinese President Xi
                的重要批示精神,国贸食社立即行动,争做节约粮食的带动者, Jinping's instructions calling for promoting thriftiness and opposing wastage. In response to Xi’s call,
                引导顾客按需点餐、定量拿取、理性消费,避免“舌尖上的浪费”。 a series of measures have been adopted by China World Canteen management team.
                食社认真做好用餐人员数量、口味和需求的调查,从源头上科                        Focusing on a choice of dishes and the maintenance of a balanced diet, China World Canteen
                学定量核算食材,按需制作,同时注重膳食均衡,合理搭配菜                        managers carried out a careful survey of customer meals requirement and tastes, calculated a better
                品,避免供大于求。另一方面,食社减少大份菜品,增加“小碗” supply of relevant ingredients and prepared a menu with more varied serving portion.
                和“小份”的供应,例如早餐粥和豆浆增设了大小碗,午餐套                        To achieve this campaign, a provision of smaller bowls and half-portion dishes (example for porridge
                餐内的主食提供不同的份量,炒饭、炒面和炒饼也分大小份,                        and soymilk at breakfast, and for the fried rice, fried noodles and fried shredded Chinese pancake
                顾客可根据自己的食量选择,这样既避免了浪费,又能让食客                        at lunch) has been introduced. Foods are served in different size servings to meet various appetite
                品尝到更多种类的菜品。                                        needs so that our diners can enjoy their selections of foods without worrying about wasting.

                “一粥一饭当思来之不易”。“光盘行动”看似小事,却承载                        The ‘Clean Your Plate’ campaign may seem to be trivial, but it carries the Chinese traditional
                着中华民族尊重劳动、勤俭节约的传统美德,是社会文明的重                        virtue of respecting labor, thriftiness, and is an important manifestation of social civilization.
                要体现。让澳门尼威斯人网站8311立即行动起来,从澳门尼威斯人网站8311做起,从现在做起,自觉                        Let us act immediately, starting from ourselves to practise a civilized, healthy, green and
                践行文明、健康、绿色、节约的生活方式。                                economical lifestyle.

               图:杨肇驰  Photos by Yang Zhaochi
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