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CHINA WORLD   MARCH - APRIL 2020 / 2020 年 3 - 4 月刊  08


                                                                              即日起至 5 月 2 日报名,惊喜满满!
                                                                                   NB140 中区 , B1, Central Zone         (86-10) 6595 7611
                                                                              CARAN D’ACHE: EMPOWERING YOUR CHILD’S

                                                                              ART TALENT

                                                                              If your kids love art, they’ll love the Caran d’Ache virtual vision art class. This is not just your
                                                                              typical drawing class. Teachers at Caran d’Ache focus on colors and emotions to stir your
                                                                              child’s passion for paint as well as inspiring him or her with the great
                                                                              works of the masters. Children can explore their talent in different
                                                                              mediums with graphite pencils, color pencils, crayons, pastels and
                                                                              fiber-tipped color brushes.
             项目 Project    价格     获赠礼品 Gifts                                  From now until May 2, enroll a child and receive a colorful gift!
            ( 每节一小时        Price
             1 hour each class)   ( 元 yuan)
            24 节在线课        4,800  总价值 528 元凯兰帝 NEOCOLOR I&II 水溶性蜡笔
             24 virtual classes      Caran d’Ache Neocolor I&II water soluble wax oil
                                  pastels worth 528 yuan
             48 节在线课       8,800  总价值 826 元凯兰帝 NEOCOLOR I&II 水溶性蜡笔
             48 virtual classes      Caran d’Ache Neocolor I&II 10-color water soluble wax
                                  oil pastels and ?ber-tipped color brushes worth 826 yuan
            96 节在线课        14,800  总价值 2512 元凯兰帝 NEOCOLOR I&II 水溶性蜡笔,
                                  水彩笔, NEOPASTEL 油画棒,石墨铅笔, 849 系列圆珠笔,
                                  SUPERCOLOR 及 PRISMALO 水溶彩铅
             96 virtual classes      Caran d’Ache Neocolor I&II water soluble wax oil pastels,
                                  ?ber-tipped color brushes, Neopastel, graphite pencils, 849
                                  series ballpoint pen, Supercolor and Prismalo water soluble
                                  color pencils worth 2,512 yuan

           STRIP & BROWHAUS: 精致容颜                                             STRIP & BROWHAUS: DELICATE & PRETTY

           即日起至 4 月 30 日,初次体验 Strip & Browhaus,提前预约,即可到店享受体                   Come to Strip & Browhaus for an initial trial experience? Call the outlet to make an
           验价!                                                                appointment and you will enjoy the preferential price.
                NB207 中区地下二层 , B2, Central Zone
                                                                              Browhaus 专注眉睫。复工伊始,让您睫毛会说话。
                (86-10) 6505 3070/6505 3004                                   Browhaus is your one-stop brow and lash grooming salon. Here, your lashes can talk after your
                                                                              resumption to work!
                                                                                美睫产品                                 初次体验价 ( 元 yuan)
                                                                                Lash & curls                         Preferential Price particular to initial trial
                                                                               360 元烫睫毛 Lifting 360 yuan             288
                                                                               750 元双生花睫毛自然款 Natural double layer 750 yuan  375
                                                                               880 元双生花睫毛浓密款 Thick double layer 990 yuan   440

                                                                              Strip 专业脱毛,快让皮肤更光滑。
                                                                              Strip is committed to the professional delivery of waxing. Make your skin silky!
                                                                                脱毛产品                                 初次体验价 ( 元 yuan)
                                                                               Waxing                                Preferential Price particular to initial trial
                                                                               140 元腋下 Under arm RMB 140             70
                                                                               180 元小手臂 Half arm (Bottom) 180 yuan   90
                                                                               240 元小腿 Half leg (Bottom) 240 yuan    120
                                                                                380 元比基尼 Bikini 380 yuan             266
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