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CHINA WORLD   MARCH - APRIL 2020 / 2020 年 3 - 4 月刊  04

           2020 年 1 月 28 日,国贸写字楼率先采用“硬核”科技,在 5 栋写字楼的 7 个                      The Management compiled a working document on January 29 offering clear guidance
           大堂安装了“在线式精确测温红外热像仪”,所有人员体温检测正常后方可进入,                               to tenants concerning all of the necessary precautionary measures against COVID-19
           这在商务建筑应用尚属首例;2020 年 2 月 2 日,运用“纳米光触媒抗菌涂层”                          pandemic. Measures to reduce crowding were implemented, such as a limit on number
           技术,喷涂在电梯轿厢内部、外呼面板、大堂进出口门把手等部位的纳米涂层,                                of passengers in elevator at a time and enforcing a social distance of at least 1 meter
           在照明灯光作用下,能够持续杀灭附着在上面的细菌及病毒;空调系统采用板式                                between people.
           分段高压静电过滤器,配备紫外线杀菌灯,增加空调过滤网的更换和清洗频率。                                Technology also played a vital role. Infrared fever screening system, a pioneering
           2020 年 1 月 29 日,国贸写字楼与各相关部门合作编订了《国贸中心与国贸                           application for commercial office buildings, were installed on January 28 in seven
           写字楼租户关于新型冠状病毒感染肺炎防控指引手册》,成为指导租户应对疫                                 lobbies. Starting February 2, nano photocatalyst anti-bacterial coatings were applied
           情的有力工具。同时,开展了“一米行动”、并制定“电梯限乘”措施,有效                                 to all internal surfaces of passenger lift car and on all door handles at all entrances
           避免了人群聚集。                                                           and exits of the lobbies. The coatings exterminate surface bacteria and viruses under
           国贸写字楼实行“双楼长”制,在光华里社区派来的 5 位楼长的协助下,写字楼                              lighting. The entire air-conditioning system was equipped with plate-type high-voltage
           部副总监高志远作为“大楼长”,协同每栋写字楼的物业经理,合力解决租户在                                electrostatic filters and ultraviolet germicidal lamps. The mesh filters were regularly
           疫情防控过程中的困难和难题。此外,为了切实落实“一企一册一案”,国贸写                                cleaned.
           字楼第一时间与全部租户签订了《疫情防控责任书》,协助每家租户建立起员工                                A "Double Supervisor" system was implemented to help tenants resolve difficulties
           台账、行动轨迹查询、消毒记录、访客记录、防控预案和紧急预案等,并按照政                                and problems during the prevention and control process. All tenants were required to
           府的指导要求安全有序复工。                                                      sign a Letter of Undertaking. Every tenant gave the division a detailed record of their
           后勤管理方面,对写字楼内废弃口罩、餐具、垃圾进行集中消毒处理,对所有快递、                              employees, actions, disinfection and visitors as part of the guidelines issued by the
           信件和报刊进行消毒处理,租户须到指定地点,收取或寄送快递。                                      government for work resumption. Discarded face masks, disposable tableware and
           在这场疫情攻坚战中,国贸写字楼联同各部门,直面疫情,主动担当,齐心协                                 garbage were all centrally sterilized. Parcels, letters and newspapers were collected and
           力营造出一个健康安全的办公环境。截止到发稿时,国贸写字楼实现“零感染”、                               could only be picked up in designated areas.
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