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CHINA WORLD   OCTOBER 2019 / 2019 年 10 月刊  06


                                                                              全新奇想 Freak X 以及传奇的成吉思汗四锤三问报时表。
                                                                                  CL2002 中区二层 , L2, Central Zone
                                                                                   (86-10) 6505 5897


           由乔纳森·安德森创意主导的罗意威之家全新概念店于国贸商城开业。以男女装                                ULYSSE NARDIN:
           划分独立两楼层,展示包括成衣、手袋、配饰等全线产品。透过新兴艺术作品与                                PIONEERING WATCH
           古典作品的组合,代表品牌过去与现在之间的紧密关联。                                          MAKER
                SB102 南区 B1 至一层 , B1&L1, South Zone
                (86-10) 6505 6866                                             Ulysse Nardin, pioneering Swiss fine
           LOEWE: EMERGING & CLASSIC                                          Watch maker and Manufacturer unveiled

                                                                              its first Beijing flagship boutique in China
           Designed by Jonathan William Anderson, Loewe New Concept Store has opened at   World Mall recently. Step into the world
           the Mall with separate floors for men’s and women’s wear, ready-to-wear clothing,   of Ulysse Nardin, to experience the new
           handbags and accessories. The brand’s past and present are closely linked through the   Freak X and the legendary Genghis Khan
           combination of emerging and classic artworks.                      Minute Repeater.

           悦读故宫,绽放国贸                                                          READING THE FORBIDDEN CITY

           9 月 7 日至 10 月 7 日,国贸商城携手故宫出版社呈现“悦读故宫·绽放国贸”                         From September 8 to October 7, China World Mall and the Forbidden City's Palace
           主题展览活动。在充满中国传统美学的空间里,您可与古意诗画、精美图书和新                                Museum present a series of exhibitions and reading activities that showcase the charms of
           颖文创亲密接触。读书、品画、赏玩展区让您体验传统艺术文化的魅力。                                   traditional Chinese art with publications, paintings and collectible souvenirs.
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