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CHINA WORLD   OCTOBER 2019 / 2019 年 10 月刊  16


                                                                              Prototype and L5 Trainyard. The collection aims to make people aware of and get people
                                                                              thinking about the importance of nature conservation.
                                                                              Hotel Jen Beijing has also partnered with Hi Art to exhibit the works of artists Hao Lang,
                                                                              Chen Weilong, Gao Yu, Zhang Yan and Zhang Xin in the L1 lobby and escalator area, and
                                                                              the L2 and L3 escalator areas.
                                                                              Also following natural themes, in the hotel’s public area on B1 and L1, owner of Xiang Xue
                                                                              Zhai and independent curator Lilac Liu presents a series of plants portraying the various
                                                                              relationships between mankind and nature.
                                                                              Liu Xue worked together with artists Xu Jing, Zhang Hua, Zhou Weizhen, Lin Feng, Ci
                                                                              Xue, Chen Xinyu and Zhang Hanrun. The artists of Xiang Xue Zhai believe that art should
                                                                              not be isolated from life, but that it should be integrated into life as an important part of
                                                                              shaping our mindsets.
                                                                              For this collaboration, the artists portrayed the beauty of the natural world using flowers
                                                                              while also showing the harmonious balance between man and nature. The artists also
                                                                              hope that guests will have a new outlook on the beauty of life and nature.
                                                                              Showing art in public spaces has been a hot topic in the art world in recent years. For Hotel
                                                                              Jen Beijing, putting artworks by outstanding artists on display in public areas is a way of
                                                                              enabling guests to get up close and personal with art.
                                                                              Hotel Jen Beijing is committed to ensuring that guests have a wonderful stay, and uses this
                                                                              exhibition to offer guests the opportunity to experience art in a unique and novel way. The
                                                                              hotel hopes guests will develop a deeper love and enjoyment of nature through art, thus
                                                                              inspiring them to protect the environment.
                                                                              In the future, Hotel Jen Beijing will launch more Jen-Why Art projects that guests can look
                                                                              forward to.

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