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           2019 年 9 月 5 日至 2019 年 9 月 25 日,在北京国际设计周期间,新国贸饭店举办                 Hotel Jen Beijing has collaborated with Beijing Design Week to launch a Jen-Why Art
           为期近一个月的珍式艺术展示活动。本次活动,新国贸饭店作为北京国际设计周                                project during Beijing Design Week from September 5 to 25, 2019. As one of the
           朝阳分会场之一,携手多位青年艺术家,共同打造珍式艺术项目,展现艺术的多                                Chaoyang venues, Hotel Jen Beijing worked with a number of young artists to create a
           种可能性。                                                              rare art project showcasing the many possibilities of art.
           珍式艺术是 Hotel Jen 的特色项目之一,致力支持优秀的艺术家和设计师,促进艺                         One of Hotel Jen’s special projects, Jen-Why Art, is dedicated to supporting excellent artists
           术融入生活,通过展览等方式让宾客感受艺术和设计的独特魅力。本次活动,新                                and designers. It integrates art and life, and encourages guests to embrace the world of
           国贸饭店与 Hi 艺术、香雪斋和艺术家闫亚星合作,通过多位艺术家的独特艺术表达,                           art and design through its exhibitions.
           让观展者在熟悉的环境中沉浸于自然与美的世外桃源。                                           To create a varied and thought-provoking event, the exhibition presented a mix of different
           本次珍式艺术活动跨越新国贸饭店多层公共区域。在酒店 1 层、2 层、3 层和 5 层陈                        mediums ranging from sculpture to digital art to flower arrangements. The visual impact
           列的作品,是由闫亚星设计并打造的《未来》系列。闫亚星作为中国当代新锐观念                               of animals, green leaves and flowers aims to create a dialogue between nature and
           艺术家、当代环保观念艺术家、时尚环保主义观念艺术实验者及先行者,在 2013 年                           humans, raising awareness of environmental and animal protection through art.
           便开始创作环保主题的艺术作品《向未来呐喊》系列,包括雕塑、绘画、装置、动                               For the event, Hotel Jen Beijing collaborated with Hi Art artists Yan Yaxing and Xiang Xue
           画和艺术衍生品品牌等等,其作品形式时尚、色彩明快、造型幽默、充满时代感和                               Zhai to hold an exhibition in the hotel’s public spaces from levels B1 to 5.
           趣味感,深受宾客喜爱。闫亚星的作品倡导“艺术 X 公益 X 生活”理念,借由艺术                           Yan Yaxing’s series, “Future,” was on display from the lobby to level 5. Yan Yaxing is
           阐述人类与环境的关系,呼吁人类保护环境,向未来呐喊。本次展览,闫亚星带来《未                             a Chinese contemporary artist with cutting-edge concepts. He is an influential figure
           来》系列,将五款形象生动的小恐龙带入新国贸饭店,五款小恐龙的颜色为青色、蓝色、                            in contemporary environmental protection art and a pioneer experimenting with
           黄色、绿色和粉色,分别代表水、天空、土地、植被和动物,以此象征着地球生态                               environmentalism in fashion.
           环境保护的五大方面。而这五款恐龙分别出现在 1 层大堂、2 层三五堂、3 层众·社                          In 2013, he started creating a series of environmental protection-themed artworks called
           联合办公空间、5 层炼·工场,以呼吁人们对自然生态的保护意识,热爱大自然。                              “Call for the future,” including sculpture, painting, installation, animation, art derivatives
           酒店 1 层至 3 层的电子屏内将展出 Hi 艺术的作品,用环保的方式将艺术引入公共                         and more. The collection advocated the concept of “art × public welfare × life”, and uses
           空间。Hi 艺术中心是创始于 2006 年的线下展示空间,作为中国当代艺术最早的参                          art to illustrate the relationship between human beings and the environment. It calls for
           与者和推动者之一,历经十余年的发展,已逐渐成为媒体、画廊、艺术中心、画                                humanity to wake up and reflect carefully on the past, present and future of Earth.
           廊艺术衍生品商店为一体的综合性当代艺术展示及推广平台。本次活动,Hi 艺术                              For Hotel Jen Beijing’s art month, Yan Yaxing brings a limited-edition ceramic art derivative
           带来青年艺术家郝朗、陈威龙、高 、张燕和张鑫的作品。                                         series of which there are 999 sets worldwide. “Future” is an environmental protection
           除此之外,在新国贸饭店 1 层和 B1 层,香雪斋创始人,独立策展人刘雪围绕本次                           collection with five different-coloured dinosaurs, each representing different elements
           主题,携手画家徐 、雕塑家章华、设计师周维珍、林峰、慈雪、陈薪羽、张瀚匀                               on Earth: cyan for water, blue for the sky, yellow for Earth, green for plants and pink
           围绕人与自然这个题目,展开创作,诠释人与自然之间的各种关系。他们相信艺                                for animals. These dinosaurs were displayed in the L1 lobby and at L2 San Wu Tang, L3
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