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CHINA WORLD   JUNE 2019 / 2019 年 6 月刊  04

                                     国贸精品纷呈 FASHION & LIFESTYLE @ CHINA WORLD MALL

           巴利:全新中国篇章                                                          麦克斯·马勒:现代女战士

           巴利在国贸商城开设中国旗舰店,开启巴利品牌故事激动人心的全新篇章。在                                 2019 春夏麦克斯·马勒肩部线条硬朗的廓形设计,风格鲜明的各种经典细节,
           过去几年中,巴利精心打造标志性的中国旗舰店。秉承“摩登奢华”与“功能                                 被演绎到动人色盘上,成就新的传奇。
           实用”的品牌设计理念,坚持着对品质与美学的执着,与国贸无所不在的摩登                                     SL1022 南区一至二层 , L1-2, South Zone
           气息完美融合。巴利中国旗舰店的开幕充分彰显了瑞士百年品牌对中国市场的                                      (86-10) 6505 5158
                SL1025 南区一至二层 , L1-2, South Zone                              MAX MARA: POWER OF FASHION NOW
                (86-10) 6505 6428
                                                                              The Max Mara SS19 vision presents an empowered sense of self, taking shape through
                                                                              sharp and sculptural silhouettes in a colorfully impactful palette.


           Marking the beginning of an exciting new chapter for the brand, Bally has opened a China
           flagship store at the Mall. The Mall’s modern, international atmosphere is a perfect fit for
           Bally’s design concepts of modern luxury with functionality and practicality. The opening of
           this new China flagship store represents the importance the Swiss brand attributes to the
           Chinese market and marks a commitment to strengthening its connection with China.


           人的爱和热情洋溢的生活,堪称 TOD'S 的全球形象大使。TOD'S 在工作或休闲
           穿着搭配。不断创新的标志性的 TOD'S 配饰重新诠释了品牌的精髓特质,包括
                SL1024 南区一层 , L1, South Zone         (86-10) 6505 6486

                                                                                                 TOD’S SAYS IT WITH A KISS

                                                                                                 Baci by Tod’s celebrates the Italians' distinctive warmth and
                                                                                                 lightness by presenting it in an authentic way with a simple
                                                                                                 and genuine gesture: a kiss. The kiss is a universal code, which
                                                                                                 in Italian culture takes on a special flavor, a playful nod to
                                                                                                 the people's love and zest for life, for which Tod’s is a global
                                                                                                 ambassador. From work into leisure, Tod’s embraces a modern
                                                                                                 and dynamic lifestyle with lightness and unexpected details to
                                                                                                 look the part on any occasion. The ever-evolving iconic Tod’s
                                                                                                 accessories reinterpret the house’s codes with roped details,
                                                                                                 feathers and fringes that brim with character.
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