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CHINA WORLD   MAY 2019 / 2019 年 5 月刊  12


                                                        地球一小时 与自然共生

                                                        CHINA WORLD SUMMIT WIN, BEIJING

                                                        HELD ART THEMED EARTH HOUR ACTIVITIES


                                                                                            Earth Hour Artist Introductions

           3 月 30 日,北京国贸大酒店举办了地球一小时活动,今年中国区的主题是“与自
           然共生”,酒店联手 lululemon 和四位艺术家分别用舞蹈与绘画的方式拥抱地球,
                                                                                                                     The Birth of Chaos
           点三十分钟在北京国贸大酒店 6 层松柏苑进行,lululemon 邀请健身教练 Momo,
           带领参与者一起在黑暗中用现代舞打开心扉,将身体变换成自然的一部分,用最                                                                       Sun Changbo
           位于 80 层的云·酷酒吧不同地方,在“地球一小时”的熄灯时间里,进行现场艺
           术创作。四位艺术家分别是丁力、徐洁、周川、孙长波。他们用不同绘画形式,                                              《众生相》周川
           大胆的构思,以颜料为语言,诉说对自然的诚与真。                                                     Everything Under Nature
           活动后酒店会将他们的艺术作品在线上、线下进行拍卖,所得善款将全部捐赠给                                                  Zhou Chuan

           On 30 May 2019, China World Summit Wing, Beijing held an art themed Earth Hour
           event. The event included “Dancing in the dark” with lululemon and “Art in the dark”
           with four esteemed Chinese artists.
                                                                                                                   Rescuing the Dust
           At 7:30 pm, the hotel teamed up with lululemon for “Dancing in the dark” fitness and
                                                                                                                   Ding Li
           dance class in the hotel’s Pine Garden. Led by well known instructor Momo, participants
           followed dance movements making themselves a breeze, a tree, a part of nature.
           The “Art in the dark” started at 8:30pm. With four artists from across the country
           creating in Atmosphere Bar. The bar’s position on the 80th floor allowed for the glow of
           the moonlight and stars to guide and stimulate their feelings for life and nature through   《水墨太极-山水清音》
           different forms of painting.                                                           徐洁
           After the event, there will be an auction at a later date, with all money raised donated   Voiceless Ink Landscape
           to the One Village One Park Project launched by the China Development Research        Xu jie
           Foundation (CDRF).
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