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CHINA WORLD   APRIL 2019 / 2019 年 4 月刊  06

           羲和小馆 PLUS 京味儿十足

           在国贸商城也能遇见精致四合院儿!羲和小馆 PLUS 是羲和集团全新之餐饮品牌,
           从早餐到晚餐,您的赏味之旅交给羲和小馆 PLUS 吧!早间生煎包和皮蛋瘦肉
               SB1055 南区 地下一层 , B1, South Zone         (86-10) 6505 7791

                                                                              SAVORING THE TASTE OF BEIJING @ XIHE

                                                                              BISTRO PLUS

                                                                              Diners can encounter an exquisite Beijing siheyuan courtyard at the Mall where a brand
                                                                              new bistro has been opened by Xihe Group, dedicated to the courtyard lifestyle of
                                                                              traditional Beijingers.
                                                                              Distinct from the capital city’s Xiheyayuan Restaurant, the bistro offers more local foods
                                                                              through brilliant innovations, creating a platform to promote Beijing delicacies and
                                                                              satisfying tastebuds: Pan-fried buns and pork congee are highly recommended for
                                                                              breakfast. Lunch is crispy lamb belly and braised sea cucumber. For dinner, don’t miss
                                                                              out on tomato and herb balls, lotus root chips and congee with duck soup. Beijing
                                                                              delights? Here we go!

           周末无限量 ! 米家思塔帕斯早午餐                                                  WEEKEND BLAST! MIGAS MERCADO’S

           即日起,每周六及周日每天 11:30-14:30,米家思 Mercado 为您准备“无限量                      UNLIMITED TAPAS BRUNCH
                                                                              Migas Mercado is serving an unlimited tapas brunch 11:30 am-2 pm every Saturday and
           菜单包含了超过 30 种的菜品选择,囊括了最经典的西班牙美食,例如弗拉明戈
                                                                              Sunday. The menu covers more than 30 dishes including classic Spanish delights like huevos
                                                                              a la flamenga, or eggs with vegetables and iberico ham, bocata de calamares, or fried
           可任选 3 款,美食现点现做——每位 298 元的价格也是相当划算。别忘了,还
                                                                              cuttlefish sandwich with lime alioli, home-made sausages and Catalan-style cannelloni
                                                                              stuffed with duck and pork. Migas Mercado empowers you to choose what you want and
               NL7003  北区七层 , L7, North Zone
                                                                              order three tapas per person from your seat at any one time. Each person pays only 298
                (86-10) 6500 7579
                                                                              yuan. More friends, more fun! Don’t forget, there are also two hours of free-flowing drinks.
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