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CHINA WORLD   APRIL 2019 / 2019 年 4 月刊  05

                            国贸名表熠熠生辉 ( 一 ) STUNNING TIMEPIECES @ CHINA WORLD MALL I

                                                        万国表 IWC

                                                        瑞士制表名家 IWC 万国表打造精准可靠、独特经典
                                                        达文西、工程师、海洋时计六大系列;诞生 150 周年
                                                           SL2036 南区 二层 , L1, South Zone
                                                            (86-10) 6560 2602
                                                        A leader in Swiss luxury watchmaking, IWC presents
                                                        mechanical timepieces combining precision engineering with
                                                        extraordinary and timeless design. The company features
                                                        six watch families: Pilot’s Watch, Portugieser, Portofino, Da
                                                        Vinci, Ingenieur and Aquatimer. IWC has also launched a
                                                        special Jubilee Collection to celebrate its 150th anniversary.
           百年灵 BREITLING                                                                            罗杰杜彼 ROGER DUBUIS

                                                                                                        SL2037 南区 二层 , L2, South Zone
                                                                                                         (86-10) 6505 9158
               CL2009 中区 二层 , L2, Central Zone
                                                                                                    Swiss watchmaker Roger Dubuis is governed by an
                (86-10) 6505 1898
                                                                                                    audacious mindset that drives innovation while
           Technical timepiece specialist Breitling has played a
                                                                                                    cultivating profound respect for traditions. The maison
           crucial role in the development of the wrist chronograph
                                                                                                    has consistently pushed technical boundaries and
           and is a leader in this direction. The firm has shared all
                                                                                                    shown an unswerving commitment to reaching a bold
           the finest moments in the conquest of the skies thanks
                                                                                                    new elevation.
           to its sturdy, reliable and high-performance instruments.

                                                       格调之选 LAN 珠宝

                                                       REMARKBALE LAN JEWELRY

                                                        知名传媒人杨澜女士创建并担任创意指导的高级艺术珠宝品牌 LAN 珠宝,由华裔设计师石大宇先生担任设计顾
                                                        采用兰花元素的 LAN 珠宝玩美系列,结合近年来国际品牌首选的天然彩宝,兼具高雅时尚品味。
                                                           3L112  北区一层 , L1, North Zone         (86-10) 6530 7353
                                                        Media professional and talk show hostess Lan Yang founded the high-end Lan jewelry brand and is also its creative
                                                        director. Chinese-American designer Shi Dayu served as a design consultant.
                                                        Lan’s product design adheres to the concept of “world quality, oriental temperament” and explores the emotional identity
                                                        of women's beautiful life, the symbiosis between the individual and the times. This elegant, stylish collection with orchid
                                                        elements favors natural colors.
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