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CHINA WORLD   APRIL 2019 / 2019 年 4 月刊  04

                                     国贸中心雕塑巡礼 ( 二 ) SCULPTURES @ CHINA WORLD II

             呼应环境,稳固根源。                                                        「勇进铸非凡」立于国贸写字楼 2 座与国贸商城之间,造型亘久唯美,如涌动
             Standing on the sixth-floor terrace of China World Mall, “Hands of Taichi” is one of   的丝带。象征着国贸人不断奋进的精神,寓意欣欣向荣、再铸辉煌。
             six sculptures created by Singaporean artist Sun Yu-li. The statue embodies graceful   “Forging into the Extraordinary” is located in the square between the Mall and
             taichi hand movements, the twirling, pulling and resolving, rooted in and echoing its   China World Office 2. This elegant scarf encapsulates the spirit of China World’s
             environment.                                                      continuous improvement and advancement.


           3 月 1 日,全球最大高端美妆零售平台丝芙兰北京首家概念店在国贸商城举行了
           新体验包含店内配备的 360°全方位大荧幕,第一时间发布全球美妆趋势;店铺入
           提供个性化的 15 分钟美妆定制;每周五 13 时推出“迷你彩妆秀”。
               SB1060 南区 地下一层 , B1, South Zone         (86-10) 6505 6726

           Sephora, the global beauty boutique and personal care giant, launched its first brand new
           concept store in Beijing last month, creating a new landmark in the city’s beauty industry.
           The store offers a full line of products among more than 100 brands with personalized,
           digitalized and socialized solutions to meets the needs of China World guests.
           The in-store 360-degree coverage screen presents beauty trends. The beauty studio at the
           entrance boasts a free make-up location where Sephora professionals offer 15 minutes
           Beauty Play customized for you. The Mini Make-up Show, 1 pm every Friday, is another
           highlight of the store. More fantastic experiences await!
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