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CHINA WORLD   APRIL 2019 / 2019 年 4 月刊  02

                               4 月 12 至 28 日,国贸商城将携手国际时尚传媒《ELLE》举办“风尚触手可及”春季主题活动。融合互动科
                               备受关注的是三扇劝拿拍嵬斯人网站8311饷牛耗锨耙绮手拧保星笆笨罩拧焙捅鼻盎鲋拧薄4 月 18 日开启互动,
                              China World Mall will join hands with fashion media Elle to host the Style Must Go On spring campaign, bringing together high
                              technology and art during April 12-28.
                              With the Style Must Go On, open any Mall door and surprising, rewarding fashion is at your fingertips.
                              Three distinctive interactive door installations will beguile fashion aficionados as they open at the Mall on April 18: the Glamour
                              Door at the South Zone, the Time Travel Door in the Central Zone and the Glittering Door of the North Zone.
                              Write down your favorite fashion motto with a digital lipstick pen, try on trendy apparel or sample a big brand video. Many
                              more surprises – including dances, magic shows and portraits – await.
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