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CHINA WORLD   APRIL 2019 / 2019 年 4 月刊  11

                                                                              不时不食  “椿”味尝鲜

                                                                              THE FRESH TASTE OF CHINESE TOON

                                                                              赏味期限:2019 年 3 月 18 日至 4 月 14 日
                                                                              午餐 ( 周一至周五 ):        RMB343/ 位
                                                                              早午餐 ( 周六至周日 ) :      RMB412/ 位
                                                                              晚餐 ( 周六至周四 ) :       RMB389/ 位
                                                                              晚餐 ( 周五 ) :          RMB423/ 位
                                                                                   (86-10) 6505 2266分- 35

                                                                              Known as “Vegetable on the tree”, the Chinese toon has landed at Scene a Café. The
                                                                              chefs have chosen the fresh buds with green leaves and red edges to create several
                                                                              different styles of Chinese toon dishes for diners. The exclusive flavours will delight your
                                                                              taste buds throughout this season.
                                                                              Available from 18 March to 14 April 2019
                                                                              Lunch (Monday-Friday):  RMB343/person
                                                                              Brunch (Saturday - Sunday):   RMB412/person
                                                                              Dinner (Saturday-Thursday):   RMB389/person
                                                                              Dinner (Friday):       RMB423/person

              香椿炒合菜  Chinese Toon with Stir-Fried Bean Sprouts and Leeks
              香椿鸡蛋馅饼  Chinese Toon and Egg Pie

              香椿黄油烤大虾  Roasted Prawns with Chinese Toon and Butter
              香椿炒鸡蛋  Chinese Toon Fried with Eggs
              香椿面  Chinese Toon Noodles

              香椿拌豆腐  Chinese Toon and Tofu Salad
              香椿拌蘑菇  Chinese Toon and Mushroom Salad
             Chinese Toon and Preserved-Egg Salad

             Chinese Toon with Buckwheat Noodles
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