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          China WorldApr 2019 2019   4月刊

             A monthly bulletin bringing you all the latest China World Trade Center news and information   每月带给您澳门尼威斯人网站8311的最新讯息

                再续经典 永领时尚

                THE BEST GETS BETTER

                                                                               STYLE MUST GO ON 春季主题活动如期而至。打开劝拿拍嵬斯人网站8311饷牛ど瞎持茫
                                                                               4 月 19 日 - 21 日,春季购物节惊喜不断,国贸溜冰场迎来开业 20 周年,
                                                                               ISIAsia 北京亚洲滑冰邀请赛好戏连台……
                                                                               2017 年,国贸商城“吃美嗨”的全新消费体验深入人心。2019 年,国贸商城将

           Like a fresh spring breeze, China World Mall has unveiled with glamour a
           brand-new South Zone: more lifestyle choices, more flagship luxury brand
           stores, more fine dining and even a historical timepiece gallery.
           Le Cool Ice Rink also celebrates its 20th birthday with ISIAsia Skate Beijing in
           April 19-21, the same time as China World Mall Spring Shopping Festival.
           After the milestone of new experience of Taste, Fun and High in 2017, China
           World Mall’s style must go on in 2019. The Best Gets Better.
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