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                           ATMOSPHERE LAUNCHES

                            NEW “CLASH OF GODS”


           师 Dicky Hartono 从八个具有截然不同背景的神话中汲取灵感,从墨西哥古阿兹
           特克神话的风起云涌,到罗马爱神维纳斯的倾城绝色,鸡尾酒的调和将故事娓娓                                Award-winning bar Atmosphere at China World Summit Wing, Beijing introduces a new
           道来。                                                                menu of signature cocktails conceptualised by head bartender Dicky Hartono. The series
           “澳门尼威斯人网站8311喜欢看电影,尤其是神话传说类型的。澳门尼威斯人网站8311想制作这一系列的鸡尾酒,让客人                                of eight cocktails are inspired by mythological deities from eight different global cultures,
           品尝的时候能有一种与众不同的神秘体验感。”Dicky 解释道。对基酒与食材的                             from the ancient Aztecs to the Roman goddess of love.
           熟悉,让他调配出不同地域的特色味道和其背后故事所要传达的感受。                                    Dicky found his inspiration for the new cocktails in Atmosphere’s lofty position on the hotel’s
           Dicky Hartono 来自印度尼西亚,2011 年加入香格里达酒店集团。在就职云·酷酒                     80th floor above the clouds, close to the place where many deities are said to reside. “I like
           吧之前,曾任职于香格里拉巴尔吉莎水疗度假村的钢琴酒廊,上海浦东香格里拉                                to watch movies and read about myths and legends, and I wanted to bring a little of that
           大酒店 The Exchange 餐吧。他曾多次参加业内比赛并获得了许多荣誉, 在 2014                     fun and mystery to every guest as they sample these drinks,” he explains. With this in mind,
           年获得 Stanislav Vadrna 模拟酒吧经营研究协会证书。                                 Dicky used his expertise in using local ingredients to bring out the essential character and
           全新的鸡尾酒单包含八种不同风格与口感的鸡尾酒,分别为新月雾、阿兹特克珠宝、                              flavours of premium spirits from around the world and tailor his cocktail menu.
           亚特兰蒂斯波浪、维纳斯花园、樱花之舞、引导亡灵的神杯、妙尔尼尔骡子和阿                                Originally from Indonesia, Dicky is no stranger to Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts.  Before
           罗哈尤克里里,每一个人都能从中找到自己的青睐。                                            joining Atmosphere, he was the service manager of The Exchange Bar and Grill and Jade
           喜欢中国文化的饮客可以选择新月雾,这款酒是受三国演义中的战神关羽的启发,                               on 36 Bar at Pudong Shangri-La, East Shanghai.  He started his bar career at Shangri-
           威士忌与菊花和白酒的混合,让它具有浓郁的中国本土风味和波本威士忌的果香。                               La Barr Al Jissah Resort & Spa, Sultanate of Oman in 2009, where he spent a combined
           中式的茶杯作为酒杯,视觉上也更有故事感。有的酒尝起来和酒杯所给人的第一                                period of six years. Throughout his career, he has won numerous awards and also
           印象相去甚远,例如妙尔尼尔骡子,用绘制凶猛神兽的古铜大杯盛放,与雷神的                                received a certificate from Stanislav Vadrna’s Analogue Bartending Institute in 2014.
           气质相符,但是鸡尾酒本身的味道清淡,却在回味时有轻微的辣感。提基酒爱好                                Featuring a range of flavours and styles, these new signature cocktails offer something
           者们不容错过 Dicky 所带来的阿罗哈尤克里里,朗姆本身的甜润遇上菠萝汁,自制                           for everyone. Drinkers who want to revel in Chinese culture and flavours can choose
           开心果香兰杏仁糖浆,散发清新果香,口感柔和。                                             the Crescent Mist, inspired by the lord of war Guan Yu, who features prominently
           除了“诸神之战”鸡尾酒系列,云·酷为即将来临的冬季节日季准备了特别鸡尾酒,                              in the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The cocktail is a subtler, more gentle
           拥有丰富风味和辣感,带来温暖的圣诞味道。                                               interpretation of a whiskey sour, featuring Michters Bourbon, sous-vide chrysanthemum-
                (86-10) 8571 6459         bjcwsw  infused baijiu, homemade kumquat honey syrup, and fresh lemon juice. A Chinese
                                                                              teacup is then used to serve the finished cocktail.
                                                                              Dicky is also skilled at creating drinks whose presentation belies their flavour. The Mj?lnir
                                                                              Mule, presented in a sturdy tankard brings to mind strong ales but upon drinking the cocktail
                                                                              reveals itself to be a light-yet-complex drink with a subtle fizz, made with butter fat-washed
                                                                              Rebel Yell Rye, sous-vide ginger-lemongrass Campari, and homemade clove ale.
                                                                              Fans of tiki drinks will not want to miss the Aloha Ukulele, Dicky’s own interpretation of
                                                                              the tiki style. You’ll fall in love with the fruit-led flavour made with homemade pistachio
                                                                              pandan orgeat syrup, Havana Club 7 Years, and pineapple-jackfruit juice.
                                                                              During the winter season, Atmosphere also presents a range of unique cocktails inspired
                                                                              by the festivals of this time of year. Beer drinkers will love the Oktoberfest-inspired
                                                                              Beer Tales cocktails, based on different beers from around the world. For example, the
                                                                              Tsingjito uses Shangri-La Tsing Tao Beer to put a twist on the mojito, while the Vedett
                                                                              Radler pairs the famous Belgian beer with orange and yuzu.
                                                                              The Winter Solstice cocktail range offers an early taste of Christmas, full of rich, spicy
                                                                              flavours. Three warm cocktails, such as the Mexican-style Don Chocolata with Mina
                                                                              Real Mexcal and hot chocolate, will help you fend off the winter chill. Also of note are
                                                                              a selection of tea-based cocktails, infused with the flavours of a variety of global teas.
                                                                              This selection includes two non-alcoholic beverages, the Red Rudolf, a blend of rose
                                                                              tea, raspberry, gingerbread, and cranberry, and the warming Polar Express, featuring
                                                                              elderflower, citrus, and passion fruit with a unique festive tea blend.
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