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CHINA WORLD   DECEMBER 2018 / 2018 年 12 月刊  06


                                                                              凯兰帝正在会员中心前的米奇创意坊展出多彩的书写工具。11 月 24 日,品牌艺术
                                                                              下午茶圆满举办,全新的艺术下午茶即将在 12 月 1 日登入。快来凯兰帝的微信公
                                                                              当然,不要错过店内折扣! 12 月 2 日前单笔每满 1000 元可享九折,12 月 1 日高
                                                                                  NB138A B1 中区地下一层 , Central Zone, China World Mall


           乐高庆祝米奇 90 年,带来方头仔系列联名作品,乐高积木可再现可爱的迪斯尼卡
           Celebrating 90 Years of Disney Magic with LEGO BrickHeadz Mickey Mouse! This
           BrickHeadz construction character featuring Mickey Mouse is fun to build using colorful
           LEGO bricks that recreate all the iconic details of the loveable Disney cartoon character,
           including big black ears, red shorts and a tail.
               3B204 B2 北区地下二层 , North Zone, China World Mall
                (86-10) 6505 6721
                                                                              CARAN D'ACHE’S FESTIVE SURPRISES!
                泡泡玛特 POPMART
                                                                              Caran d’ACHE is displaying its wonderful collections of writing instruments at Mickey’s
                                                    迪士尼与泡泡玛特合作,即              Wonder Lab, near our membership center. After the successful Art Afternoon Tea held on
                                                    将推出的首个盲盒系列产               24th November, a new Art Afternoon Tea will be staged on 1st December. Register now
                                                    品——米奇家族。                  via Caran d’ACHE’s official account on WeChat. You will embrace the first weekend of
                                                    Collaborating with Disney,   December with colors, inspirations and demonstrations by art teacher.
                                                    POPMART will launch the first   By the way, don’t miss discounts at the store. You can enjoy 10% off when spending
                                                    Sitting Baby Series - Mickey   RMB1000 by 2 December, up to 20% off on 1 December.
                                                        NB1033 B1 北区地下一层 ,    预定啦!米家思 MERCADO 圣诞及新年前夜
                                                    North Zone, China World Mall       菜单
                                                         (86-10) 6590 3977
                华润万家 OL? 超市 OL? SUPERMARKET                                   和新年很快就到啦,米家思已经准备好
           澳门尼威斯人网站8311从来没见过依云如此的新样貌!这款为孩子们精心打造的水瓶,充分体现了米                               与现代,充满节日气氛的地中海风格菜
           奇的魅力,盼望能够帮助孩子们多喝水,远离糖和人造甜味添加剂。                                     品:生蚝,小鱿鱼,和牛,西班牙猪肉
                3B211 B2 北区地下二层 , North Zone, China World Mall                让您胃口大开,还有龙虾汤饭和加泰罗
                (86-10) 8535 1018                                             尼亚传统风味的冬季汤品来温暖您的胃。
                                                                                  NL7003 北区七层 , North Zone,
                                                                                    China World Mall
                                                                                  (86-10) 6500 7579
                                                                              RESERVE NOW! MIGAS MERCADO CHRISTMAS &
                                                                              NEW YEAR EVE MENU

                                                                              Everyone’s favorite festival, Christmas and New Year is just one month ahead, Migas Mercado is
                                                                              ready to give our friends a memorable evening! They prepared some very festive, traditional and
           We’ve never seen Evian ditch their sleek bottle and commit to a completely new look quite   Mediterranean style dishes ready for our guests: Oyster, baby squid, Wagyu beef , Spanish pork
           like this before. Made with kids in mind, this bottle fully embodies Mickey with hopes   to open your appetite, Lobster soupy rice and Catalan style winter soup to warm your stomach.
           of intriguing kids to drink more water and stay away from sugar and artificial sweetener   Beside the delicious food, they will also bring a live band to make the two special nights
           substitutes.                                                       even more enjoyable. Grab a cocktail after dinner, let’s celebrate together!
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