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CHINA WORLD   DECEMBER 2018 / 2018 年 12 月刊  05

                                               八大品牌联欢 庆贺米奇 90 周年


                夏姿·陈 SHIATZY CHEN

           夏姿·陈走过辉煌 40 年,邀请米奇和他的朋友们加入品牌的新冒险,打破东西方
           文化和风格的差异。灵感源于米奇和敦煌壁画中的动物画作,夏姿陈 2018 年秋冬

                                                                                   施华洛世奇 SWAROVSKI

                                                                              施华洛世奇推出了他们最新的迪斯尼收藏品,为米老鼠庆生。自 1928 年一部《汽
           Celebrating its glorious 40th anniversary, Shiatzy Chen invites Mickey and his friends to join
                                                                              Swarovski unveiled their latest Disney collection to celebrate Mickey Mouse who has been
           its exciting adventure to break the cultural and style difference between the East and West.
                                                                              bringing joy to people of all ages since his debut in Steamboat Willie in 1928.
           The dreamy Shiatzy Chen X Disney Fall/Winter 2018 Collection, inspired by the sparks
                                                                                  3B106 B1 北区地下一层 , North Zone, China World Mall
           between Mickey and the animal paintings in Dunhuang frescoes, is born.
                                                                                  (86-10) 6505 6006
                WB111 B1 南区地下一层 , South Zone, China World Mall
                (86-10) 6505 9722
                潘多拉 PANDORA                                                   VANS 和迪士尼推出新品,致敬“源于致真经典“。VANS 的设计师们将 90 年的

           潘多拉正推出纪念串饰庆祝米老鼠 90 岁的生日。纯
                                                                              VANS comes together with Disney
           银米老鼠摆出趣味姿势,14k 金打造数字“90”,使
                                                                              to deliver a collection celebrating
                                                                              the true original, Mickey Mouse. To
           Pandora is celebrating Mickey Mouse’s 90th birthday
                                                                              commemorate the 90th anniversary
           this month with an exclusive collector’s charm, which is
                                                                              of Disney’s beloved character, Vans
           available now. Depicting Mickey Mouse strikes a playful
                                                                              designers bring decades of iconic
           pose in his famous outfit, the sterling silver charm features
                                                                              Mickey Mouse imagery to an extended
           the number 90 in 14ct gold, in a bid to make the piece as
                                                                              offering of footwear, apparel and
           timeless as the pop culture icon himself.
                SB1052 B1 南区地下一层 , South Zone,
                                                                                  NB121&123 B1 中区地下一层 , Central Zone, China World Mall
                 China World Mall
                                                                                  (86-10) 189 1016 7167
                (86-10) 6520 4758

                                                             酷彩 LE CREUSET

                                                        酷彩厨具足够诱惑,一旦它与迪士尼合作,诱惑加倍。                    Le Creuset cookware is desirable enough as it is, but once
                                                        一个全新的米奇主题的厨具已推出,作为两个深受爱                     you throw Disney into the mix, it's next-level obsession
                                                        戴的品牌,澳门尼威斯人网站8311无法衡量它有多可爱。                           worthy. A brand new, Mickey-themed collection has just
                                                            3B217 B2 北区地下二层 , North Zone,           launched as part of a collaboration between the two
                                                              China World Mall                      beloved brands, and you might not be able to handle
                                                            (86-10) 5961 1525                       how cute it is.
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