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                                JEN 式月饼

                   JEN STYLE MOONCAKE,

                 IT'S THE POWER OF LOVE!

           今年,新国贸饭店为你准备了八款颇具特色的中秋月饼礼盒,月饼中不仅包含经                                This year, we have put together eight types of Mid-Autumn Festival gift boxes with
           典的莲蓉口味,还包含现代的港式口味。无论选择新国贸饭店的哪款月饼礼盒,                                a little something to suit everyone, from traditional mooncake loyalists to those with
           你总能从中发现新奇!                                                         a taste for modern flavours. No matter which box you pick, all of Hotel Jen Beijing’s
           八款礼盒中颇具爱意的爱月月饼礼盒是新国贸饭店首次与星光益彩自闭症艺术疗                                mooncakes this year arrive inside a stylish box. We’re also excited to collaborate with
           育项目合作推出的爱心款月饼,这款月饼中的所有画作均出自自闭症儿童之手。                                Starlight Autism Art Therapy Fund; students from the organization helped us design
           这些孩子表达情感的方式不是依靠言语和笑容,而是通过艺术绘画。当你欣赏他                                unique packaging for our Ai Yue Mooncake Box.
                                                                              Ai Yue Mooncake Box, supporting the Children From The Stars
                                                                              Their hearts are full of compassion, but they’re unable to communicate with others.
                                                                              They listen carefully to the outside world but oftentimes, it turns a deaf ear on them.
                                                                              They might look like fully capable children, but socialising with others is a challenge.
                                                                              Known as Children From The Stars, this is the story of many children with autism. Just
                                                                              like stars, each child with autism is a light, shining brightly, but distant and separated
                                                                              from others in the dark night sky. For some, expressing themselves verbally is near
                                                                              impossible – art therapy, however, is a way to communicate thoughts and ideas. This
                                                                              year, Each Ai Yue Mooncake Box from Hotel Jen Beijing comes packaged with paintings
                                                                              created by autistic children from Starlight Autism Art Therapy.
                                                                              Classical Mooncake gift boxes by Shangri-La
                                                                              For the traditionalists out there, the Bright Moon gift boxes pack mooncakes in classic
                                                                              flavours like salted egg yolk and lotus paste. Arriving in a stylish package, is a bit of
                                                                              classic meets modern.

                                                                              Modern Mooncake gift boxes
                                                                              Mooncakes may be a long-standing Mid-Autumn Festival tradition, but that doesn’t
           界的声音,但很少有人走进他们的身边为他们讲解世界的万千。他们看起来与普                                mean we can’t get creative with them. Each Peaceful Moon gift box is decorated
                                                                              with colourful graffiti. Inside, find mooncakes with a modern twist in flavours like
                                                                              Yogurt Pastry, along with a few traditional favourites like lotus paste and red bean.

           香格里拉款 — 经典月饼礼盒
           香格里拉款 — 经典月饼礼盒中保留了蛋黄、莲蓉等经典口味。时尚的包装与经典

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