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CHINA WORLD   MARCH 2018 / 2018 年 3 月刊  08

           2018 年伊始,夏宫餐厅菜单全面升级,新添加了 60 余道新菜式,其中包括 7 款
           新晋招牌菜,30 余道热菜,5 款风味主食,6 道特色风味凉菜,以及 5 款相思甜品。
                                                                              Following the little adventure in the kitchen, Chef Chan then treated his friends to a meal at
                                                                              Summer Palace where on the menu were new dishes such as Braised Fresh Abalone With
                                                                              Yam, Homemade Prosperous Seafood Pot as well as Steamed Pear With Bird’s Nest And
                                                                              Pomelo. There was much praise for the food and all had a good time.Chef Chan said: "I aim
                                                                              for the highest standards of colour, taste and aesthetic in my creations." This is a philosophy
                                                                              that he practices throughout his cooking career. Amidst chatter and laughter, the half day
                                                                              culinary adventure ended on a high note. Chef Chan also presented each friend with a Year
                                                                              of the Design Puppy Cake, a perfect end to a wonderful experience.
                                                                              To kick-off 2018, we are pleased to announce our enhanced Summer Palace menu, which
                                                                              encompasses more than 60 new dishes, including 7 brand new dishes, more than 30 hot
                                                                              dishes, 5 flavour staple foods, 6 unique flavour dishes, and 5 lovesickness desserts. Among
                                                                              our many new items, our Executive Chinese Chef Chan would like to recommend the
                                                                              following to you.
                                                                              May we invite you to dine at Summer Palace. Come taste and experience the culinary
                                                                              craftsmanship of Chef Chan.
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