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CHINA WORLD   MARCH 2018 / 2018 年 3 月刊  02

                                                                              BVLGARI    宝格丽:顷刻永恒,魅力开年

                                                                              今年,宝格丽 B.zero1 系列推出震撼新作,其中包括由当代建筑设计大师扎哈·哈
                                                                              迪德(Zaha Hadid)重新演绎的 B.zero1 Design Legend 传奇绝作系列。
                                                                              全新宝格丽 Serpenti Forever 系列金属漆面翻盖肩包别具风范,以冷峻、张扬、
                                                                              丰美、动感的气质定义都市魅力。迷人耀目的金属皮质采用 16 道染色工序打造
                                                                              宝格丽 Octo 腕表以结构分明、带有 110 个刻面表壳而著称。如今 Octo Roma
                                                                                  L107&107A 南区一层  L1, South Zone
                                                                                  (86-10) 5866 9716
           MULBERRY       北京国贸精品店重装开业

           Mulberry 创意总监 Johnny Coca 以摩登设计为核心思维,为北京国贸店带来概
           念化的崭新风貌。在这里,您将感受到最为纯粹的 Mulberry 品牌风格。
           橡木基调配上品牌专属 Mulberry 绿色,气氛自在而舒适。
           临北京国贸商城精品店,与 Mulberry 共同寻访属于您的英伦体验。
                SB131 南区地下一层  B1, South  Zone          (86-10) 6505 5218

           Creative Director Johnny Coca has added a modern twist to the Mulberry concept at
           Mulberry is proud of its unique heritage, using a Mulberry Green store facade and  BVLGARI: A CHARMING START LASTS FOREVER
           the China World Mall by reviving its colors and finishes.

           whitewashed oak to create a comfortable shopping environment.      This year’s novelties include the B.zero1 Design Legend collection in special
           The China World Mall store carries the complete Mulberry collection including bags   collaboration with architecture genius Zaha Hadid.
           and accessories for men and women, ready-to-wear and shoes.        As the ultimate statement of glamour and style, the new Serpenti Metallic bag defines
           Mulberry sincerely welcomes visitors to SB131 to explore the British luxury   urban charisma itself: cool, edgy, lush and simply vibrating. The shimmering brushed-
           experience.                                                        metallic leather is obtained through a sophisticated artisanal process requiring 16
                                                                              coloration steps and featuring the iconic “nuvolato” effect, able to avoid the dulling
                                                                              of sensual Serpenti sheen. It should last forever.
                                                                              Renowned for their structured case comprising 110 facets, Octo watches boast a
                                                                              powerful and innovative design now extended by the Octo Roma range that adds an
                                                                              elegant, modern and urban version bordering on absolute purity while respecting the
                                                                              formal fundamentals of the model.
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