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CHINA WORLD   OCTOBER 2017 / 2017 年 10 月刊  07

                                                                              BEIJING GOVERNMENT ENVIRONMENTAL

                                                                              LEADERS INSPECT, PRAISE CHINA WORLD

                                                                              ENERGY CONSERVATION

                                                                              Qi Jia, director of Beijing Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Center, led a
                                                                              group of colleagues and GP Electric Power Group senior executives on a visit to China World
                                                                              Trade Center on August 18 to review energy conservation and environmental protection.
                                                                              Gao Min, Assistant General Manager of China World Trade Center Co., Ltd. and Wei
                                                                              Hanguang, Deputy Director of Property Division introduced the center’s reconstructed
                                                                              Phase 1 reclaimed water plant, film-based power generation and water conservation
                                                                              technology achievements.



           2017 年 8 月 18 日,北京市节能环保中心(以下简称“节能中心”)齐佳
           节能中心领导重点了解了  “薄膜光伏发电”和“全循环全利用水处理”  两                               Qi listened carefully to China World’s achievements in new energy and technology
           项创新技术课题的进展情况,对国贸中心在新能源和新技术应用上取得的成                                  application, praising the center as a role model for corporate energy conservation and
           绩给予肯定,并高度赞扬了以一期中水站为核心的“服务业建筑节水关键技                                  environmental protection. Qi liked China World’s integration and demonstration of key
           术集成与示范” 改造项目,其改造后的综合节水率高达 30%。                                     technologies of water conservation in the service industry based on multi-level treatment
           国贸中心作为北京市商务公建能效领跑者,积极研发新技术,将新技术应用                                  and application of reclaimed water. With a water conservation rate of 30 percent, this
           于各项节能改造之中,在给企业带来经济效益的同时,更创造了良好的社会                                  pioneering approach not only showcases China World’s corporate social responsibility but
           效益。                                                                also creates lasting economic benefits.
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