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CHINA WORLD   OCTOBER 2017 / 2017 年 10 月刊  06

           源坤控股集团入驻国贸大厦 B 座 59 层  再厉出发


           源坤控股集团,作为一家以金融为导向的多元化实业资本集团,以“产研融商”                               Ground Fountain Holdings has moved into the 59th floor of China World Tower B, joining the capital
           大融合战略为核心,通过“产业链、价值链、供应链”三链联动的创新驱动商                                city’s elite office tenants in receiving the complex’s comprehensive facilities and quality services.
           业模式,打造全生态的内核服务和产品,并以此为基础重构社群品质生活方式,                               Founded in 1997 with a philosophy of integrating industrial research with finance and
           驱动人与社会相和谐。近日,源坤控股集团入驻国贸大厦 B 座 59 层,跻身于                            commerce, this future-oriented, young and innovative conglomerate is committed to build a
           北京顶级写字楼优质租户行列,借助国贸中心的综合优势及全方位的优质服务,                               wholly ecological kernel services and products through an innovation-driven business model of
           实现集团更进一步的发展。                                                      chain linkage. Through careful management of assets, Ground Fountain believes in the power
           源坤控股集团创建于 1997 年,依托跨资产运营的综合实力,以大消费及其产                             of industrial financing to enhance societal harmony by raising overall quality of life.
           品和服务为中心,推动产业金融链接生命价值,经过最近三年的高速发展,旗                                After experiencing rapid development over the last three years, Ground Fountain today
           下管理近百亿的总资产规模分布于金融服务、健康养老、零售与服务、现代农                                manages nearly 10 billion yuan of assets and 100 companies including financial services,
           业与食品、文化影视、房地产、互联网科技、能源与材料、智能工业等产业领域,                              health care and elderly care, modern agriculture and food, film and television, real estate,
           控股近百家企业,投资业务覆盖企业成长的所有阶段。                                          internet technology, energy resources and smart technology.
           源坤控股集团积极与上市公司、国有企业和金融机构达成多方合作,共同打造                                Ground Fountain works with listed corporations, state-owned companies and financial
           立足未来的产业集群。基于“成就卓越的产业生态森林”的愿景,源坤控股集                                institutions to build future-oriented industrial clusters. With a vision of building a “great industrial
           团总结并形成了独具特色的资本运作理念与投资管理体系,通过多元化的聚合                                ecology forest,” Ground Fountain has developed a distinct capital operational concept and
           与裂变所形成的巨大价值,助力于各项目间跨资源构建产业壁垒,以及企业通                                investment management system, generating value through diverse aggregation and fission.
           过投资、退出、资产转化等资本运作方式实现价值成长。源坤控股集团所提供                                Through careful management, the group has helped build industrial carriers between projects
           的资本、资源和资略的联动平台,将能够帮助源坤控股集团及旗下企业协同应                                and achieved valuable growth for its companies. Ground Fountain’s capital-resource linkage
           对风险和竞争。与此同时,持续优化的资产组合将促使源坤控股集团实现公司                                strategy reduces the risks and competition via collaboration with subordinate companies.
           价值的持续动态增长。凭借积极的进取心态,源坤控股集团将产业大数据长期                                Meanwhile, the group’s ever-improving asset portfolio provides continuous and dynamic
           深入研究所取得的成果,不断地创新应用于前沿产业领域,未来客户的解决方                                growth. With a young, assertive mindset, Ground Fountain is constantly innovating and
           案将最大限度地体现出数据和科技创新的价值。源坤控股集团虽已砥砺前行                                 applying its long-term research findings from industrial big data into frontier industrial fields.
           二十年,但仍是一家立足于未来的创业型集团。                                             The value of data and technological innovation is finally reflected in customer solutions.
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