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CHINA WORLD   SEPTEMBER 2017 / 2017 年 9 月刊  10

               这是你从未见过的                                              Embark on an adventure of fun and passion at Hotel Jen Beijing! Think you’ve been tasting the
                                                                     same mooncake flavors year after year? #LeaveBoringBehind this year with new mooncake
               涂鸦月饼 !                                                packaging designs!

                                                                     People who come to Trainyard will be deeply impressed by the stylish industrial interior with vibrant
               THIS IS THE GRAFFITI MOONCAKE                         graffiti artwork across two floors. We have selected graffiti as this year’s theme, so that we could
                                                                     play different with mooncakes.
               YOU'VE NEVER SEEN!                                    When mooncake meets graffiti, when tradition meets modern. Let's find out what kind of

                                                                     chemistry they can create.

              花样儿玩月饼 —— 皓月                                                   PLAY DIFFERENT WITH MOONCAKES - HAO YUE

              月亮有阴晴圆缺的轮回,月饼也有无趣或好玩的区分。新潮炫酷的涂鸦外包装,                            Mooncake can be boring or fun and HAO YUE is definitely the second kind. The stylish
              内里包裹的是京式自来红等传统月饼,这种时尚与经典的反转,透过新月到满                             packaging wraps up the traditional mooncakes inside. This fashion-bumps-into-classic
              月的缝隙传递,都是挡不住的碰撞感。                                              concept will totally change your boring idea about mooncakes.

              花样儿玩月饼 —— 馨月                                                   PLAY DIFFERENT WITH MOONCAKES - XIN YUE

                                                                             The packaging is the surface and the mooncake is the content. You can taste
                                                                             tradition with Lotus, Rose and Red Bean, or you can get fashionable with Yogurt and
                                                                             Cappuccino. That’s the fun of playing different.

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