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CHINA WORLD   AUGUST 2017 / 2017 年 8 月刊  12

                   快捷午餐套餐               ENERGY LUNCH SETS

                   微信购买优惠价                        RMB95                 所有套餐包含每日例汤,水果和冰霜。每周一到周五 11:30 -14:30 阿丽雅酒吧
                                                                        All Sets Include Daily Soup, Fruit and Sorbet. Monday to Friday at Aria Bar

            金枪鱼拼盘 Tuna Bowl                             牛肉拼盘 Beef Bowl                              西班牙墨鱼汁面 Black Fideua Paella

            鸡肉拼盘 Chicken Bowl                           蘑菇黑菌西班牙饭 Mushrooms and Truffle Paella       西班牙海鲜面 Seafood Fideua Paella

           午间能量补给站                                                            ENERGY LUNCH @ARIA BAR

           想在餐厅林立的国贸,选出一顿健康丰盛又经济实惠的午餐可不简单。不过这次                                Choices for healthy and affordable lunches in the Guomao area can be quite limiting. This
           阿丽雅酒吧推出的午餐套餐厉害了,不仅由堪比米其林星级厨师亲自操刀,价格                                is about to change with the introduction of the Aria Bar Energy Lunch Package. Prepared
           更是相当诱人。                                                            by our Chef Maiker, the lunch offering is not only exquisite but affordable too.
           套餐由曾在米其林餐厅工作,拥有十多年西班牙烹饪厨技的主厨迈克制作而成,套                               The lunch package is conceptualised by Chef Maiker who has had experience in a
           餐中每日例汤、面包、沙拉、甜点一个不少,更有六种主食满足不同需求。                                  Michelin-star restaurant for more than a decade, and consists of a daily soup, bread, salad,
           对男士而言,西班牙海鲜面、蘑菇黑菌西班牙饭、西班牙墨鱼汁面是超值又美味的                               dessert and six choices of mains to meet varying dietary requirements.
           首选,鲜美的海鲜、丰富的蔬菜、充足的分量,在满足味觉同时又解决了胃觉。                                For the gentlemen, we would recommend Seafood Fideua Paella,Black Fideua Paella and
           对食量小的女士而言,牛肉拼盘、鸡肉拼盘和金枪鱼拼盘则是主食的不错选择,丰                               Mushrooms and Truffle Paella, all of which feature delicious seafood complemented by
           富的营养和适度的分量,即保证了一天所需又满足了口感需求。                                       healthy vegetables that will satisfy discerning palates.
           值得一提的还有极具特色的甜点,其名为冰霜水果。餐如其名,                                       For the ladies, why not opt for the chicken or tuna platters which are nutritious yet light.
           新鲜水果和冰激凌被放在碎冰之上,远观仿佛至于冰霜中,吃                                        And to end the meal in style, dessert is always something to look forward to. This is where
           起来口感酸甜又冰爽劲爆,夏天尤其适合。                                                our Chef has come up with a very unique dessert, a fruit sorbet that is sweet, supple and
                (86-10) 65052266-36           chinaworldhotelbj  扫码购买         refreshing, perfect in summer.

           炎热夏日里的欢乐周末,                                                                              中国大饭店欢乐周末课程表

           就在中国大饭店                                                                                    WEEKENDS CLASS SCHEDULE

                                                                                              8 月 5 日    “炫然一夏”- 花艺课             220 元
                                                                                              5 August   Floral Class            RMB 220
           一样的周末新体验。                                                                          8 月 26 日   刺绣手绢—君子兰                150 元
                chinaworldhotelbj                                                             26 August   Embroidery Class       RMB 150


           Thinking of how to enjoy a wonderful summer weekend? Dining?
           Shopping perhaps? Or … Happy weekend @ China World Hotel.
           Celebrate the month of July with a weekend of fun with us!
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