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                                                  美味尝鲜 JULY BITES

           官也街          HEALTHY HOTPOT

           GYJ Macau Hotpot will bring a taste of the island’s unique high-quality ingredients to
           the Mall's discerning diners. Macanese treasure their hotpot as the healthiest and most
           delicious of all. Without a drop of oil, beef and seafood is marinated and simmers with
           seasoning for more than 10 hours in a special broth before it is ready to serve.

                NL7001  北区 七层 L7 North Zone

                                                                              西卡利舍            CHEEKY CHIKALICIOUS

                                                                              菜单,带您踏上甜味之旅;食客也可自己甄选甜品,品尝挚爱。Chikalious 配备酒
                                                                              Passionate about food? Here's a chance to enjoy fabulous desserts while watching
                                                                              their preparation and plating. Chikalicious fresh out of New York City will launch its first
                                                                              restaurant in Beijing. Chikalicious offers a prix fixe three-course dessert menu and a la
                                                                              carte desserts. Select from a lengthy list of wines, dessert wines, champagne, organic
                                                                              coffees and teas.
                                                                                  NL6007 北区 六层 L6 NORTH ZONE
           鼎泰丰          DELICIOUS DIN TAI FUNG

           鼎泰丰早在 1993 年就被外媒誉为“世界十大美食餐厅之一”,更有媒体将其小笼
           Din Tai Fung does soup, dumplings and noodles so well that the New York Times named
           it one of the world’s top 10 restaurants in 1993. As the Taiwanese dumpling house
           continues to generate rave reviews across the globe, its latest branch opens in July at the
           Mall L5. The house specialty is of course a juicy pork or seafood dumpling, a tiny pocket
           of dough filled with deliciously seasoned meat and a spoonful of fragrant broth. Bite in
           and let the hot juice explode onto the palate.
                NL5015 北区 五层 L5 North Zone

                                                                                   葉奈      HANA BY HATSUNE

                                                                                   商务人士足不出户即可获得温馨静谧的高品质商聚空间。 奈沿用加州日料
                                                                                   HANA is a new concept by the Hatsune restaurant group. The interior design of
                                                                                   HANA is inspired by Kyoto’s bamboo forests, which are unparalleled in raw beauty,
                                                                                   tranquility and elegance. While HANA still guarantees the “Hatsune” quality, HANA's
                                                                                   focus on raw, premium ingredients is a true celebration of the beauty of quality food!
                                                                                       NL6006 北区 六层  L6 NORTH ZONE          8599 6131
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