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           独一无二,美鞋属你                                                          PRADA PRESENTS PROPOSALS

           Prada 七月为国贸商城客人全新呈现定制高跟鞋系列。这是一项为最忠诚、要求                             Prada will present the new Made to Order Dècolletè proposals in July. 18 new customized
           最严苛的顾客臻献独一无二定制鞋履的项目。                                               shoes in 8 different heel heights including dècolletè and open toe, with or without plateau
           该系列拥有十八款高跟鞋和便鞋、八种鞋跟高度以及丰富多样的材质与颜色可供                                soles.
           选择,亦可选择是否带防水台。Prada 经典印花系列的选择更加丰富,最新提供                             The extensive selection of materials includes calfskin fine leathers in brushed and
           花与吻(Flower and Kiss)和爱(Love)专利皮革印花款式。                              metallic versions, leopard print pony, python and Ayers.
           在完成对鞋型、材质与颜色的选择后,顾客可定制鞋跟颜色(黑色、棕色花纹或                                Mouths and molecules are added to the selection of Prada prints including saffiano
           浅蓝色)并首次可在鞋跟上印刻姓名首字母缩写,配以琥珀色或钢青色新饰件和                                print patent leather and duchesse satin. The dècolletè with a bow is available in
           数字。                                                                exclusive tone-on-tone or contrasting color combinations.
           个性定制不仅仅关乎产品本身:为与鞋履风格保持一致,包装盒可选用经典蓝色                                Each shoe can be further personalized with a choice of color for the sole – black, lily of
           礼盒或 Prada 标志性印花礼盒。专属定制高跟鞋将于订购后八周内交货。                               the valley or light blue – and the client’s initials in amber or metallic look.
                                                                              The shoes are delivered about 60 days after the order.
                                                                                  L105 & 106 & SB101A 南区 地下一层至一层  B1 to L1 SOUTH ZONE
                                                                                  6505 8106


           6 月 1 日至 7 日,艾莱克斯专业眼镜店成功举办了一年一度的爱眼日公益活动。
                WB122 南区 地下一层 B1 SOUTH ZONE,3B118 北区 地下一层 B1 NORTH ZONE
               6505 5567,  5961 1380

           Alexis Luxury Eyewear held its annual eye-care event June 1-7. During the successful week,
           guests received free and professional optical checkups and advice from the oculist.
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